Best Places to Visit during Green Season

Travelling is always a fun idea. It is a chance to visit something new and achieve beyond what you won’t normally do. It is exciting to know there is something to look forward after so many days or months of preparing for the trip.

Part of planning is to make sure that the trip is free of any mishaps or bumps along the way. And that would mean having a good weather all throughout the journey. However, what if the only time you can take that much-needed trip is when it is already the monsoon season?

What will you do? Just do it and push through with your trip. Adventure starts beyond the comfort zone! As proven through time, the path to discovery always includes some uncertainty along the way.
There are several destinations you can definitely still enjoy when it is the green season. And Southeast Asia should be on top of the list. With a diverse culture, wonderful topography, mouth-watering food, interesting city life, and genuine people; it seems going to these places can brighten any gloomy weather.

Accentuating the overall travel experience with its rainy season, these are the places you should visit:

Everyone who has been to Cambodia knows how majestic Angkor Wat is. The only downside is that due to the volume of tourists during the not-so-rainy days, one could not even take a decent photo of the lotus pond during sunrise. Imagine, what a peaceful trip with only the raindrop in the backdrop. By the time the tour around Angkor Wat is done, the memory that will be left is all its spellbinding beauty.

Blessed with pristine tropical wilderness, it’s no wonder there really no bad season to visit Brunei. When it is rainy, the almost surreal splendour of nature will keep you enamoured. One can also visit the different mosque that is open to the public.

With the country’s display of discipline and success, there is one thing that is unpredictable with Singapore: the weather. Don’t fret. Despite the drizzle, there are a lot of activities you can do in the city. Universal Studios is one of your best spots to have fun even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

The monsoon season in Thailand starts in July and ends by October. Rainy season in Thailand is all pleasant. During this period, it is expected to have light rain showers lasting only for a few hours only. Notably, there are places that are on the drier side during the green season with shorter rain showers. One of these places is Koh Samui.

Here are some of the things you can do while staying in Thailand (Koh Samui) during the green season:

Update your Wardrobe
Believe it or not, there are a lot of good tailors around the place. While waiting for the pour down to stop, drop by any of the friendly neighbourhood tailor shops and have your measurements taken for some well-structured suits or dresses.

Captivated by the Culture
Take a trip to Thailand’s rich history with temple trips. Let the tour guides help you explore further the different structures of the temples while learning more about its story.

Authentic Thai Massages
One of the best activities to experience in Thailand is its traditional massages. It is said that the techniques used here date back 2,500 years ago. Unlike its Western counterparts, Thai massages use hard pressure to pull and stretch each critical points. Using their hands – and even feet! – the therapists skilfully massage to relieve any strain in the body.

Relaxing Villa Stay
When the rain starts to pour, one of the most relaxing things to do is lay in bed with a mug of your favourite drink. Samujana elevates each villa stay with its bespoke services and high-class amenities. Each villa has its own Villa Manager making sure you have absolutely nothing to be down about during the rainy days.

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