Today’s forecast: Koh Samui all day!

Travelling across the globe, one of the best things to accompany one’s trip is great weather. After all, with great weather comes great adventure!

Asia is thriving with beautiful places beckoning us to go for an island getaway. And if you are baffled with where to go, having so many options of beautiful places to be in. Then, let us help you with the decision making. Often, the crucial things to consider when travelling includes the agenda of the trip (is it for business, relaxation, or just for fun), and the companion you are with (is it with friends, family, or solo trip).

These two reasons presented are actually based on personal preference, so there is still a high chance that this will still change before the trip can start. However, there is another factor, which is usually the main aspect in determining the travel itinerary — and maybe will not change except if not for global warming.

Almost all tourist would like to visit an island when the weather is perfect. Think of all the activities available when the sun is out all day! Think of an all-day island hopping since the water condition if amazing. And think of all the memories knowing that everything about the trip is just remarkable. Now, where is the best place that best meets all this condition? Koh Samui!

From its beautiful beaches, amazing waters, and great food, the weather in Koh Samui welcomes all visitors with warm sunshine to complete that island getaway. That said, it is the best choice compared to Phuket or Bali!

In a nutshell, Koh Samui’s weather is great all year round.

There are three seasons on the island. The dry season, which happens between December to February, is characterised by the presence of a cool sea breeze and lots of sunshine. On the other hand, the hottest season is experienced from March until early September. Both seasons are great if you want to maximise your Koh Samui trip.

Lastly, rainy days in Koh Samui is noticeable only for a couple of months around September to November. Don’t get discouraged with this though. Rainy days in Koh Samui is often short, and the sun is still pretty visible.

Below are some charts to not only show you but convince you that great weather in Koh Samui is just around the corner – all year round!

Chart data is based on online figures and may change anytime.


Weather-wise, Koh Samui is the best choice if you are thinking of going to Phuket of Bali.


Chart data is based on online figures and may change anytime.


It only gets better. With less rainy days, Koh Samui offers visitors more activities. These activities can be sightseeing, food trip, immersion with Thai Culture and more! What’s more, you get to see some amenities and perks of living in the city while enjoying the bounty of nature in Koh Samui.

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