Green Season Allure: Travelling to Koh Samui

“Look at the rain long enough, with no thoughts in your head, and you gradually feel your body falling loose, shaking free of the world of reality. Rain has the power to hypnotize” – Haruki Murakami, from the book South of the Border, West of the Sun

Preparing for a trip can be daunting. There are a lot of questions that pop up when selecting your dates. One of the questions traveller would ask is this: when is the best time to travel. People consider weather as an important factor in making decisions. And normally spring or summer months are the two most searched dates in the search engine. This is because tourists would avoid the ‘green season’.

The ‘green season’ is synonymous with the monsoon season. It is a term that was coined by tourists [ironically] describing in a nice way the bad weather. Monsoons are immediately associated with rain. But in reality, the monsoon season is not just about rain.

According to Live Science website, the monsoon is described as: A monsoon often brings about thoughts of torrential rains, similar to a hurricane or typhoon. But there is a difference: a monsoon is not a single storm; rather, it is a seasonal wind shift over a region. The shift may cause heavy rains in the summer, but at other times, it may cause a dry spell.”

Now we know why tourists have weather preferences when it comes to travelling during the rainy season. And typically, almost all trips happen if it is the dry season. Sensibly, one would not want to ruin months’ worth of itinerary planning with rain or over-all bad weather.

To be honest, people tend to focus on the usual drawbacks of travelling to countries experiencing the rainy season.


Let’s be more specific.

To be honest, people tend to focus on the usual drawbacks of travelling to Koh Samui, Thailand on a rainy season. Though we are not here to put someone in a trance and make them change itinerary plans (actually, that might be a clever idea!), we’ll help you realise the benefits of travelling to Thailand when there is rain.

Low Season

Deciding to travel during the green season guarantees cheaper offers on almost everything. Think of lower fares, better hotel rates, and more. Several hotels may even offer a family promo for a longer stay. Some offers or promotions may be even unbelievably low, but it does not mean that the fun and adventure is limited. Looking at a more positive note, it simply means more options to choose from!


Cooler Alternative

There is this liberating experience doing activities under the rain. It makes you feel more attuned to what you are doing while embracing the cool sensation of water trickling down. And those who don’t like sweating will enjoy the relief that the cold weather brings in.


Milder Rain

Despite being the rainy season, Koh Samui doesn’t experience heavy rains compared to other Asian countries. For a heavy downpour around the place expect that rain will only last for a few minutes to a few hours and not a whole day! Another good news is that there aren’t that many typhoons either.


Exceptional Service

Thailand is known to be very hospitable to tourists. And the high quality of their service and work is a testament to it. It is just that during the off-peak season there will be fewer tourists and a low volume of guests, which would mean better and memorable service will be expected throughout the stay in Thailand.


Festivals Forever

Don’t know what to do during the off-peak season? Well, there is no limit to the imagination when it comes to having fun. Why not challenge oneself to swim in the fresh waters while enjoying the rainfall or gear up and trek into the jungles of Thailand? Interestingly during these months, there are several events lined up for tourists to attend, one of them is the EDM festival. Guests can dance to the music of well-known international and favourite local artists while they showcase their music.


Explore Koh Samui

Since there are fewer people visiting during the green season, this is the best time to maximise exploring Koh Samui. Deeply immerse oneself in Thai local culture without the worry of not having enough time. Avoid the hassle of queuing up for activities or even dining in local restaurants.


Lush Season

We like to look at the positive side of things, so instead of just ‘green season’ – tourists who visit Thailand during this time is also in for the best of ‘lush season’. During this period, guests are treated to the refreshing sight of the hills, the parks, and even the garden beside your villa. Rain gives an added picturesque – sort of dreamy – effect to nature.

There is definitely a beauty to discovery places during the rainy season Don’t let the rain hamper your quest for a Eudaimonia experience.

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