The Best Restaurants In Koh Samui

Finding a great place to eat on Koh Samui is as simple as closing your eyes and pointing. Dining of all types abound on the island, and you could easily make a vacation out of trying out a new restaurant each night.

Looking for the best restaurants in Koh Samui? We have the list.


Zazen is a restaurant you must not miss (if your budget allows it). It is fine dining at its best, showcasing traditional Thai food with unique presentation. Non-Thai food is also served; you are sure to find something exactly for your tastes. No detail is too small, and even the herbs used in the food are grown by the chef.

Zazen has an impressive wine selection with an award-winning wine cellar. You can expect to find subtle decor that mixes Morocco with French and an open kitchen.


You’ve likely never had a dining experience like the one you’ll find at Tree Tops.

As the name implies, you’re set amongst the very tops of the trees. This setting instantly puts your senses on high alert, which makes for a more enjoyable experience.

The unique and intimate setting isn’t all that Tree Tops is known for. The food is first class all the way. You’ll find only the best ingredients including the best meats and seafood options.

The focus is on fresh and local items that will make your meal an amazing experience.

Many couples come to Tree Tops for a romantic evening of luxury and a meal they won’t soon forget.


If you have the money to spare for upper level prices, 9Gems Lounge is a wonderful place to spend it. You’ll find 9Gems tucked up on a hillside, with parking below. The decor is ultra modern and tasteful design that include an LED swimming pool, outside dining with a terrific view, or cozy interior dining.

The price is high here, though the food is delicious and the wine list extensive. Your group may want to try out the tasting menus if you’re on a bit of a budget.


On the Northeast tip of Koh Samui, near the lovely Samujana villas and resort, is Dining On The Rocks. With bamboo and teak decks, both covered and open air, eating a meal here is a completely unique experience. Wide open views of the Gulf of Thailand make dining here a logical extension of the world-renowned spa.

Dining On The Rocks serves “new Asian” cuisine, which is a mix of east and west. The chef combines different flavors, textures, and palette “temperatures” that have made this eatery one known to set the standard for unique dining, indeed.


Looking to try your hand at French and Mediterranean cuisine? H Bistro is your pick. It does have Thai dishes on its menu, but the focus is clearly on French and Mediterranean flavors with a wine list that reflects these leanings. The head chef has cooked for royalty in the past; he knows what he’s doing.

This seaward-facing restaurant has an intimate feel, and is quite popular. You could consider it trendy, but its decor is classic and tasteful, and the staff is professional. Though the prices are higher, they are well worth it.


Owned by two expats and opened in 2012, this relatively new restaurant was born out of the idea that Koh Samui needed a down-to-earth place to eat, where the atmosphere is warm, you feel welcome, and the food is still top-notch.

The Larder is an European gourmet restaurant that serves fine food with a distinctively island vibe. If you’re looking for a tasty and laid-back place to eat, this is your stop.


Namu is the signature restaurant at W Retreat.

Cuisine is Japanese. The design is modern and simple, but you’ll notice unique details throughout. Your eyes will notice these details, which can spark interesting conversation and enhance your dining experience.

Every sense will be activated as you enjoy your meal. Your taste buds will love the unique and delicious menu items while the setting encourages you to have a fully enjoyable time whether you’re here for an intimate night out or spending time with family and friends.


Set on the seafront, Ocean 11 sports a Mediterranean and Italian menu that has been carefully planned and paired with a significant wine list. To keep things fresh, they offer constantly changing specials.

Expect great service, great surroundings, and unbelievable food that has made Ocean 11 one of the top-rated restaurants on Samui for several years running.


There is something for everyone at The Five Islands restaurant. The menu blends traditional Thai food with modern styles, ingredients and tastes.

You’ll find something if you’re looking for seafood, meats or vegetables. Favorites include the fresh oysters, roasted duck curry and many others.

The setting of The Five Islands is also something that guests comment on each time they visit. The name comes from five limestone islands that you’ll see from the decks of the restaurant.

It’s a beautiful setting and perfect for romantic nights out or meals for the whole family.

Impressed yet? Samui might be just one island, but it is heavily populated with gourmet restaurants and food wizardry rarely seen. The island is so loaded with delectable eateries that there is a Samui Culinary Circle, dedicated to doing what we’ve done here: helping you find that perfect place to eat. Our own in villa dining menu is also worth a look at too, if you feel like putting your feet up one evening (we deliver to you).

If you’re a foodie or in any way a lover of foods and new flavors, you’ll find a new favorite here.

We promise.

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