The Gift of Holidays: Koh Samui Experience

Every Christmas, children (and kids at heart) around the world are beyond ecstatic to wake up early. There is no need for parents and guardians alike to woo, beg, or even drag kids to get out of their bed. I mean, getting up for class is something else, but on this very day, it is like there a magic spell cast on them. Why? They are excited to see if their Christmas wish came true! After all, they probably told Santa what they want for Christmas.

So let me ask you: Are you the kid or are you Santa Claus?

As adults, people tend to think of the idea of Santa Claus as hoax. There is no bearded man wearing red clothes shouting “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!”. There are no elves, and definitely no Rudolph the reindeer. Despite this, most would still want to be the kid and expect some sort of magical gift (in form of the latest gadget or perhaps that brand new shoes).

Sadly, while we are excited for Christmas because of the gifts we are expecting, one of the true reasons for Christmas is lost. Cultural differences may lead to various opinion about the holidays as some may have slightly different way of celebrating the event. But the bottom line is that the spirit of Christmas is about sharing happiness to everyone.

The great joy one gets from celebrating this holiday stems from the chance to be a real Santa Claus.


The Gift of Experience

Now, the immediate gift that comes to mind is something material. Let say clothes, chocolates, cookies, toys, shoes, jewellery, perfumes, and so on. The list could go on forever. But if the idea is to let the receiver have an exceptional joy when he or she gets the gift, then share the gift of experience.

Make them encounter a life-changing adventure. Let those you love experience a palpable activity. Something that will not need any batteries to operate. Better yet, take them on a trip to Koh Samui!

The island itself is teeming with both bounty and beauty.  Bounty in terms of abundance in the activities one can try out and beauty in terms of the flourishing nature surrounding the island. It also is a plus to consider that Thai’s hospitality is one of the best in the world.


Food Festivity

Christmas is one of the best seasons to indulge in mouth-watering dishes. And Koh Samui will never disappoint in satisfying those holiday cravings. There are an array of traditional, Asian, and Western establishment willing to fill one’s belly with the best cuisines. Places like Krua Bophut (a royal Thai restaurant) and Ocean Kiss (open air restaurant) will certainly serve a memorable Christmas dinner.


Adventure All-Day!

Surrounded by seas, forests, and hills, Koh Samui has a lot of adrenaline-driven activities for those who want to get more excitement from their Christmas wish list. For water activities, snorkelling is one of the best Christmas gift one can have. Imagine being able to see the true beauty of the underwater. You can also say hi to the friendly sea creatures that swims together with you! For thrill-seekers that wants to go higher, rock climbing is the best way to get an exhilarating sense of achievement for the holidays.


Truly Thai

For a gift that leads to enriching one’s mind, take a day tour around the temples and hear the rich history of Thailand. Visualize the moment you will see the grandeur of Thai’s royal history. A must-see place is the ruins of the ancient city of Sukhothai. This city was once the capital of Siam. An impressive size of 27 miles will keep you occupied and mesmerized for one whole day. Think of it as a good way to burn those Christmas dishes you ate the other day.


Stay at Samujana

A truly unique and bespoke gift is to let your loved ones stay at Samujana. Overlooking the magnificent waters of Koh Samui, this is the perfect retreat to a luxurious Christmas. Nestled on top of a coral cove, Samujana is meticulously well-designed to let guests have a feel of world-class villa services. With Villa Managers designated at every villa, genuinely warm staff, high-tech amenities, tailored-fit activities – expect an extraordinary holiday unlike anything else.

Be a Santa Claus this year! Trust us, the feeling of making someone happy is one of the best Christmas gifts you can get for yourself.

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