Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Villa

Why do you go on holiday? Many people travel to sit in the glorious sunshine and relax, if that’s in a tropical Southeast Asian island or a Mediterranean resort. Others like to spend their time exploring every nook and cranny, experiencing cities they’ve never seen before, like the historical European cities. However you love to spend your holiday there is one thing that most people don’t realise, the benefit that a good holiday has on your health. It has been proven that not jetting off for a break can result in higher blood pressure, sleeping difficulty as well as elevated levels of stress. Now more than ever we need to make the most of our time off work.

A couple of decades ago, to book a holiday you would have walked into your local travel agent, brochure in hand, and booked everything there and then. Easily done, but modern websites have put bricks and mortar Travel Agents on the brink of extinction. Now, everything from your accommodation, flights, insurance and airport transfers are available to book at a touch of a button.

The depth of choice for holiday maker’s today means they are looking away from the traditional hotel and flights package and exploring other options. One of the most popular alternatives is choosing to rent a villa instead; here we break down the 20 reasons why you should book a villa rental rather than staying in a hotel for your next holiday.

Why You Should Rent A Villa

1. No immediate neighbours disturbing you. Have you ever struggled to sleep because of the people making too much noise in the adjoining hotel room? Get up on the right side of the bed every day with a villa rental with no unwanted disturbance from other residents.

2. There’s nothing worse than settling down by the pool to find that the annoying holiday rep won’t leave you alone. Or even worse, when they’re leading the dreaded Kid’s Club past your sunbed every time you shut your eyes. Relax in peace at a villa with your very own secluded pool and decking area.

3. Lie in bed in peace, in a comfy king-sized bed without worrying if you put up that flimsy ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door, stopping the maid from wandering in on you halfway through changing!

4. Most hotels only have rooms for two adults; maybe you can squeeze in the children on a sofa bed. If you want to stay with your family comfortably, and have separate bedrooms, then a villa could be perfect for you. Renting a villa for your family can also be more cost effective as you do not have to pay per person.

5. Package holidays are so last century, why be stuck on a terrible red-eye flight that was the only flight left with your travel company. Renting your own villa means arriving at your own leisure, and your personal choice of airline providers. You decide who you fly with and what time you arrive.

6. Travel insurance, car hire and airport transfers are also completely your own choice with a villa rental, meaning you can always search for the best deal rather than be locked into one provider that has a partnership with the hotel resort.

7. The fabled fight for the sunbeds is no longer a problem! Don’t worry about losing out on your space in the sun. When choosing a villa holiday you can sleep in as long as you want knowing that your private sunbed will still be waiting for you whenever you want.

8. Want to catch up with old family or friends? A villa is the perfect venue for a reunion, with no disturbances and lots of space for socialising.  Many villas are fully equipped with stocked kitchens, spacious living and dining rooms as well as sleeping up to 16 people, so why not invite the whole family.

9. Traveling with children is easier without the constant busyness of a hotel. A villa will have all the basic amenities a hotel does, and often extras like inflatable pool toys, DVDs and specific children’s activities to keep the little ones entertained throughout the holiday.  If you would like some quiet time away from the kids some villas even have childcare and nanny services available too.

10. A villa is considerably bigger than a standard hotel room, with plenty of your own personal space, including en-suite bedrooms, living and dining rooms, as well as you own outdoor terrace.

11. Getting up early on your holiday because ‘Breakfast will only be served between 8-10’ is a real downer especially after a late night. With a villa rental you can eat what you want, when you want, meaning you don’t miss out because you’ve got plans.

12. Going a week with the half size fridge in your hotel room isn’t good for anyone, neither is holding onto all that washing until you get home. Villas have full sized kitchens like a regular house so you don’t have to compromise on facilities.

13. Food is one of the greatest things about travel, finding the delicious local delicacies you dream of. Cooking yourself you can source fresh and local ingredients that are perfect for meals, rather than the repetitive buffet style meals served at many hotels.

14. Living among the locals is a great way to really experience the culture of the country you are visiting, as well as being free from noisy holidaymakers. Who wants to be look like a tourist anyway?

15. Explore and have fun all in your own time, when renting a villa you can survey the local culture perfectly and decide on any activities as you go. Some of the local activities include boat rides, snorkelling and diving as well as other exotic water experiences.

16. Villas are available with pretty much whatever you want, if your budget allows it there are private cinemas, saunas and games rooms all at your disposal. Live a life of luxury! Whatever your budget, there will be the perfect villa for you.

17. Being surrounded with hundreds of fellow holiday makers is the opposite of relaxing; everyone is constantly crossing each other’s paths and competing for the limited resources, be it a restaurant table or a spot on the tennis court. Villas provide ultimate privacy and relaxation for all residents.

18. Although some enjoy the pre-planned entertainment at hotels, if you’ve turned in for the night at your hotel you want some peace and quiet. However, as you put your head on the pillow ‘Agadoo’ starts blaring, everyone who’s still awake is drunkenly singing along and you’re anything but asleep. When choosing to stay at a villa, you decide when the party stops and its time for bed.

19. Worried about getting ripped off because you don’t know the area? Many established villas rentals have concierge services available if you’d rather have some outside help organising your trips.

20. Renting your own villa means you get to have your own private pool! Do you need any more reason than that?

For more information on renting a villa in Southeast Asia and what more is available at the Samujana Resort in Koh Samui contact us here or call +66 (0) 77 423 465.

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