Make 2019 Your Year: Activities in Koh Samui

The new year is here! Don’t forget to include Thailand in your travel plans this year! Thailand is such a spectacular place to visit with so many things and attractions to offer. And for many, it never gets boring even if it’s the Nth time spending holidays, vacations, or even a business trip at this lovely place.

For each city or island found in this country, any tourist will want to stay longer than two weeks (make that three!). No wonder a full year is never enough when exploring the beauty of Thailand. With such an interesting introduction, it just makes any tourist wonder, “What shall I do first?”. Our proposal, make Koh Samui your top destination for your Thailand trip.

Here are some of the things you can do with your family, friends, loved ones, and even just yourself for the new year!


Fire Dancing

With several beach options for a nice party, Koh Samui will fill your week with endless fun. One of the most well-known beach on the island is Chaweng beach. It is the centre of the nightlife for those who like to unwind and have some fun with friends or partners. Great food, amazing live music and entertainment surround the area. One of the live shows tourists can watch in here is the energetic fire dance show. You can even give it a try yourself with lessons from the master dancers themselves.

Great for: Friends, couple


Sunrise Watching

They say one of the best feelings in the world is to actually see a sunrise. And in Koh Samui, there are different ways to enjoy sunrise viewing: from the comfort of your own villa, overlooking an infinity pool, in a secluded shoreline, or even better – on the highest point in Koh Samui! It is truly a breath-taking moment any traveller will forever remember.

Great for: Family, friends, couple


Rum Drinking

Liquor is best enjoyed when the provenance behind it is discovered. While out and about in Koh Samui, travellers can visit Magic Alambic Rum which offers local rum tasting. Situated in the southern area of the island, this place was founded by a couple who tried using local Thai tropical fruits.  Tourists don’t need to travel across the world to be able to drink a delectable rum. This distillery offers an island experience like no other with its refreshing drink. The rum is made of delicious Thai sugarcane that comes in different zesty flavours such as orange or coconut!

Great for: Family, friends



When it comes to adventure, expect no less from Koh Samui. Be it an all-terrain outing or water action, guests will find an assortment of activity to satisfy every adrenaline level. But for those who want to try out other activities aside from land, Koh Samui lets you also enjoy flying! Yes, you heard it right. EasyFly lets anyone experience skydiving without having to risk jumping from any plane (just in case you have fear of heights!). It is a safe and amusing way to spend time while at Koh Samui. Just want to see the action? Spectators are also welcome to cheer on their friends trying out the indoor skydiving adventure.

Great for:Family, friends, couples


Luxurious Living

For an indulgent and uninterrupted vacation, let Samujana take care of all your travel worries. Situated in a beautiful hillside location and surrounded by mesmerising waters, Samujana is a truly a unique paradise. Adding to the impressive architectural design, each villa comes with a Villa Manager to provide top-notch services and convenience for all guests. If this is not enough, try taking a swim in the infinity pool during sunset and you will witness the unparalleled beauty of Koh Samui.

Great for: Family, friends, couples


Time to plan that 2019 Koh Samui trip!


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