Thailand Activities

Thailand: a world of its own teeming with tropical beaches, rich culture, and hospitable locals ready to welcome tourists with a smile. In fact, there is no hard selling involved when you want to convince someone to visit Thailand. It perfectly describes what dream vacation is.

Locals, architecture, food, nature – these are some just of the things one will immediately observe upon arriving at this beautiful country. With such a welcoming setup to greet you, it makes you think that you already saw the best of what Thailand has to offer.

We will sound biased here, but Thailand has definitely more awesome things for travellers. It’s true! As a matter of fact, we’ve highlighted some more (not so) secret activities you can do while staying in Thailand.


The Golden Triangle Tour

From its rather infamous background, the Golden Triangle is now attracting tourists alike to witness the region’s culture, food, and nature. The Golden Triangle is a situated in northern Thailand. Literally shaped as a triangle, this is where the boundaries of the three countries meet: Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Hence, the reason why it got its English moniker. Surrounding the place and providing the means for the tour are the mighty rivers of Ruak and Mekong.

For quite some time, the place has been deserted due to its notorious history. After finally making developments around the area, tourists can now enjoy the cooler side of Thailand with its riverfront establishments, gilded ancient infrastructure such as Phra That Doi Pu Khao, amiable locals at the charming Chiang Saen, mountain ranges perfect for trekking (and where some tribes live), and thrilling food choices such as cicadas.


Northern Thailand – Hill Tribes

If you are already taking the trip to visit Golden Triangle, allot a few more days to immerse yourself with the tribes living in Northern Thailand. An hour away from Chiang Ma and deep within the forests and mountains, are several ethnic tribes who have been in the country for hundreds of years. Making the upland areas their home, the tribes gives a glimpse to the genuine way of indigenous living.

Experience staying with a local family and first-hand appreciate the modest, simple way of life. Wake up to the fresh scent of morning dew, hear the croaking greetings of the rooster, and feel the invigorating energy of the sunrise.  And while at it, always get a reliable tour guide who always operate in a legit, sustainable, and ethical manner.


Floating Markets

It has been proven that Thailand has some of the amazing street food known to every tourist. From the usual mouth-watering dishes to eye-opener exotic dishes, Thailand is a global icon for any food tour.

One of the most photographed way of dining out and buying produce is through Thailand’s famous floating market. It’s one of the most interesting things to witness. Several long, wooden boats are loaded with all sorts of food – local fruits, sweets, flowers, seafood. You name it! One can certainly find what they are looking for here (or on the friendly riverbank stores). Wobbly navigating their boats the peddlers, donning their colourful shirts, offer tourists an unforgettable shopping experience.

There are different floating markets around Thailand. With live music to keep tourists entertained, Taling Chan weekend market is a must-visit place for trying out nice snacks and for unique trinkets. A slightly larger floating market would be the Damnoen Saduak located in Ratchaburi.


Famous Festivals

Aside from being hospitable, the Thai’s also know how to celebrate a feast. With the strong roots in their cultural heritage, there are many ceremonies or festivals being held all year round. This is a great way to foster a deeper understanding of Thailand.

Want to have an epic party adventure? Thailand is definitely the place to be. To be honest, this is a rather difficult question. There are so many options that you will want to party every night. Think of non-stop dancing and enjoying with friends at an open-air beach bar in Koh Samui. Overall, Thailand’s friendly demeanour makes festivals an even more fun activity to experience.

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