8 Things That Make Luxury Travel In Thailand Unique

What makes Thailand so special that it is fast becoming one of the most popular getaway locations for tourists and travellers all over the world?

It’s simple, really.

Thailand takes luxury travel to a whole new level. It’s not the same old same old. Instead, it’s travel that is exotic, sensual, and unforgettable.


Thailand is a nation with many islands.

Each island has its own unique qualities that it’s known. Some are known for backpackers, some are known for beaches. Some are known for their festivals or their temples. All are known for incredible views, hotels, restaurants and spas. You can expect to travel from one island to the next to experience the micro-culture found within the larger Thai culture.

Perhaps you’ll call Koh Lipe your home for the day, its limited development providing comfort in a quaint fashion, and unspoiled beaches and water.

Or maybe Koh Samui is more up your alley, with its beaches and luxury resorts. Fine restaurants dotting the foodie landscape.

Maybe you have an adventurous spirit, and want to do some exploring. The scenery and water surrounding Koh Tao might get in your blood, pulling you into the intricate underwater landscapes.

One nation, but many exclusive islands just waiting for you to find them and call them your own.


With endless miles of coastline on both the mainland and the islands, travel and play on the water is more than just an option. It’s a love affair.

Boats are everywhere in Thailand, ranging from simple fishing boats to ferries to crisp sailboats and catamarans that seem to glide too easily with the wind.

Traveling the luxurious route means you’ll be looking for resorts that offer high-end sailboats, zippy motorboats, and wistful catamarans that hum over the waves of the turquoise water. Boats of this caliber have beautiful lines inside and out, with comfortable areas for you and your friends to relax.

What does luxury travel look like from the deck of a sleek boat?

It looks like access to private beaches for picnics and secluded swimming. It looks like underwater adventures, such as snorkelling or diving. It looks like windsurfing and catching some sun rays. It looks like access to shopping on any island of your choosing. And all of this with delicious cold drinks, breezy cabins, food — a high end boat will also come with a highly trained crew to make sure your time on the water is as memorable as that on the land.

In a nation of islands and water, travel by such boats isn’t frivolous at all. It’s more than just getting from point A to point B, but truly enjoying the journey.


How does this sound: you’re lounging in a beautiful infinity pool, cool drink by the poolside, arms resting on the ledge looking out over the darkening night sky with a brilliant moon reflecting off the calm ocean.

Frankly, that sounds wonderful.

Thailand, with its many therapeutic spas and luxury resorts with secluded villas with private pool’s, comes with an abundance of such infinity swimming pools. Sometimes, at the end of a busy day out in the Thai heat, you want to escape from the crowds and the glare of night life and enjoy something a bit more relaxing.

Enjoy the view from infinity. There is an endless supply, in Thailand.


Luxury travel has a bad rap for being for the grown-ups only, but not so in Thailand. Thai culture is extremely welcoming of children, and many resorts even offer childcare services so you can enjoy some time alone.

By choosing a luxury family villa for your vacation home base, you’re providing your entire family with the comforts of home, but with a generous dose of luxury.

Luxury, after all, is privacy, attentive staff, spacious living, and amenities like private meals, infinity pools, access to spas and gyms, and easy access to boats and other services that help extend your vacation.

Thai villas are ideal; the warm climate allows for amazing open-air rooms in combination with air conditioning. You can sit “inside” while still feeling the ocean breezes and enjoying an unobstructed view. Thai villas are unlike any other.


Thailand is at the crossroads of world cuisine.

Their own distinct foods, which combine the tastes of sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, are world-renowned. On top of that, the generous influx of expats has introduced cuisine from around the world. Fine four and five star restaurants with world class chefs and remarkable wine lists are not at all difficult to find in Thailand.

Whether your tastebuds veer towards Asian, Mediterranean, or French, you’ll find it beautifully prepared and delivered to your table in Thailand.

Are you a “foodie”? Then a trip to Thailand wouldn’t be complete without stopping at some of the finest restaurants in the world.

close up of tropical flower
Photo by Samujana.


Thailand is often called the “land of smiles” and it truly is.

With a friendly culture, your stay at a fine hotel or resort is made all the more enjoyable because of staff who treat you well. What a novel idea–friendly and caring staff who want to be sure your luxury vacation is one to remember!


The spas you’ll find in Thailand are familiar with all of the latest health and wellness techniques. Many have additional ammenities, such as exercise programs or healthy restaurants.

Any trip to Thailand wouldn’t be complete without a stop at a high-end spa where you could experience a massage using exotic natural oils that are locally sourced.

A vacation should leave you relaxed, not stressed. A trip (or two, or three!) will do that. And, of course, you’ll be treated with friendliness. At a Thai spa, it’s all about you.


The most surprising thing about luxury travel in Thailand, though, is who should be doing it: you.

You could think of Thailand as a kind of “equal opportunity” vacation, a place that allows you to experience a spa treatment, fine cuisine, travel on a luxurious private boat, soft white sand beaches, and pools that seem to stretch to infinity. No longer are you relegated to cramped hotels and dizzying transportation. No more harried and stressful vacations.

In Thailand, your vacation ought to be a luxury vacation, no matter your budget. (And it can be!) Luxury travel in Thailand is not out of your reach. If ever there was a nation that beckoned you to enjoy it, Thailand is the one.

For more information on the luxury resorts and villas that Thailand have to offer, visit samujana.com.

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