The Non-Negotiables: Quick Beach Getaway

You finally did it. You travelled across the globe to experience diving in the clear, cool waters of Koh Samui. But wait. An immense bad feeling dawned upon you.

Upon looking at your bag, a sudden realisation: you forgot to bring something. After all the planning you did and a review of your packed luggage on the way to airport just to make sure you are prepared for the trip, you still have one important beach item that you forgot to bring. You think to yourself, “Why haven’t I thought of it when I arranging my stuff?”. Feeling bummed? It’s natural. Given the same scenario, anyone would immediately feel upset about forgetting something they should have brought in the first place.

Most premium hotels or private villas, like Samujana, basically covers all the necessities [down to the minute of items] you need assuring you of a relaxing trip away from home, there are still some items worth bringing on your own. Here are some of the things you may want to double-check before getting on that plane next time.


An Inspiration Generator

Travelling opens you to a whole new world (no pun intended). It gives you a new perspective on how the universe works and that you, as an individual can make a difference in your own way. But sometimes the best way to actually get results? Try bringing a book with you while lying under the shade of your beach umbrella. It can ignite far more than just refreshing your eyes. Reading a book by the beach is a perfect way to maximise your sunbathing time. Who knows, you might come up with an ingenious way to stop pollution for good.

A Sand-free Space

Sand is one of the elements that make a beach trip cool. As kids, we even get to play with them. But as we try to soak up some needed sunshine, lying on the sand can be chore. If it is mid-day, the sand can be too hot to even stay still for a couple of seconds. If it gets too windy, sand can get pile up on you. A sand-free and compact beach mat is what you need for a hassle-free way to enjoy basking under the sun.

A Water-resistant Safe Kit

We often overlook how the simplest of things can help us in various ways. With the constant exposure to water, it is best to use a water-resistant kit to hold all items like your key card, phone, cash, and shade. Better pick one with security features and can be safely attached to stationary furniture and fixtures while you frolic in the water.

A Health Checker

Breathing fresh air is good for your health, but it pays to be diligent with updating your medical records and bringing all vitamins or medicines while travelling. Though your trip might be as quick as a weekend rendezvous, a well-packed medicine kit and updated current health record is a life-saver.

An Excellent Memory Maker

In today’s generation, taking picture is so easy that even kindergarten students can do it. Bring with you a camera or a phone that can take great photos while moving and is all right to be occasionally submerged underwater. Remember to have them printed out. A photograph will always serve as a nice memento of that lovely place you’ve been to.

An Open Outlook in Life

Let’s face it. It is not always greener at the other side of the fence. Unavoidable incidents may happen when we are trying to enjoy our vacation. Things like you weren’t able to see the dolphins swim by or it rained as soon as you step outside your villa in Samujana. A better way to stay happy until the end of your quick beach trip despite some hiccups? Be open to change your plans. Finding flexibility in unwanted situations can open doors to exciting adventures.


So that’s it. This may not be your typical travel checklist but we guarantee you, having all of these while you’re out in Koh Samui is a real game-changer.


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