Going Corporate in Koh Samui, Thailand

The conventional ideology for corporate events and retreats is that it usually takes place on the company’s own dreary building or inside an exteremly claustrophobic auditorium. Well, those might be exaggerations but truth to be told, most of the meetings done for corporation are confined to grey, boxed spaces with military-like arrangement. The reason being is some if not majority of the companies think this is the only way people can brainstorm to achieve better results.

However, recent studies and observations (plus our own awesome experience here at Samujana, Koh Samui), corporate should not mean stiff, too formal, and way militaristic. Not satisfied? Here are some of the best known reasons as to why taking your next corporate event to Samujana is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Samujana offers everything from event catering, to spa services, to excursions.


New scenery results to better performance

In education settings, experts would advise activities to be held outside the classrooms. The theory behind is that new environment stimulates the brain and making it work to develop new ideas. In addition, we as social creatures need variations — venues and in activities. Our brain needs a lot of new things, to be feed of refreshing scenery included, to help it invigorate. This way, memory retention is also improved.

As explained by Benedict Carey, author of the book ‘How We Learn’, Changing context, changing environment, aids retention”. So why would it not be the case for companies? Learning never stops. Much so for our professional careers.

Samujana has the perfect events space that can accommodate small and large groups of participants; each with distinct event goals. Apart from the plethora of space within and around the villas, Samujana also have outdoor facilities to fit each and every distinct goal for your next corporate meeting.


Efficient return of investment

When it comes to expenses, auditors would advise not to choose a far-off place to conduct the event. Reason? Costs. But a strategic management team would be able to foresee the return of investing on having the next meeting on Thailand.

With a complete line of services available at Samujana, it will be a manageable alternative complete with a competitive package to suit any corporate event you are eyeing. Based on our experience, numerous contracts with different suppliers would entail more overhead costs (think about the management fee, administrative charges, direct labour fees and so on per agent). It would also assure of a smoother transaction and efficient process, as you will never have to contact different suppliers to deliver the results you wanted. What’s more, you are assured your corporate event is tailored-fit to a tee!


World-class facilities at a strategic location

Samujana is located in the heart of a bustling country with a well-maintained and managed airport. With this setup, there is an easy access to almost everything. A fully-functional modern facility, such as cinemas for presentations, are designed to cater to any event.

The exclusivity and privacy of our villas and facilities will make your event much more than just another meeting. Our dedicated, personalised service will make your team feeling valued, enriched and rewarded. We also offer fast-track arrival service that will escort you from the airport gates to your villas, all in less time than it took you to prepare that presentation.

Samujana’s professional support guarantees an achieved business goals and generates a positive synergy for the next boardroom meeting.


Encourage productivity through fun bonding

As most companies see it, corporate functions are viewed as one way to foster camaraderie between teams. Having an event take place on a stunning place such as Samujana, will increase the excitement in your employees. They see this as an invigorating tonic compared to their usual coffee bonding at the office pantry.

A company that is excited over more time spent together as a team equates to a happier working environment (and quicker turnaround time for the meeting objectives). With the research released by the University of Warwick, it explained that happy employees result to three things: creativity heightened, better work-related results (12% increase in productivity), and allows for a more fruitful collaboration.


Work close to home

It is no secret that Thailand is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. With their sincere warm smiles and cheerful tone in greeting you, it makes going to a distant place to work seems like home.

With Samujana’s first-class services and team of experts, your company will be welcomed to fulfilling and comprehensive Thai travel experience while achieving all business goals desired for the corporate meeting. Our commitment to bringing home closer is evident with our list of satisfied clienteles. Indeed, we evoke the epitome of Thai hospitality.


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