Meet me at Thailand: Best Valentines idea for all

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«L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle.» — The Divine Comedy

Once the calendar hit February, there is one major theme that instantly pops up: Valentine’s Day. You can immediately sense if it is Valentine’s already: heart-shaped designs atop different establishments, red is the favourite colour choice, and there is the sudden promotion of chocolates and teddy bears.

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with the love day where you excessively (all right, not exactly going overboard) show and express your feelings to your significant other. All couples would have their own way of celebrating it. A simple and classy dinner for two, or a grand party together with family or friends.

But where did this event come from? Although the origin of how we came about celebrating Valentine’s day is still somehow unclear; with the stories coming from different beginnings. One of these backgrounds is traced back to the ancient Roman time where people would celebrate what we call as Lupercalia. It is a spring festival held every 15th of February. The date was later moved to 14th February after the Christian religion was introduced.

Valentine’s Day, Thai-style

Though predominantly Buddhist, Thai is not the last one to give it all during this sweet month. Wan Valentine in the local language, Valentine’s in Thailand is also an important celebration. And should you travel to Thailand this month, here are some of the things you and your significant someone can appreciate.

Private picnic
Want something private yet personal? Why not try to have a beachside picnic just for the two of you. The beautiful island of Koh Samui is the best place to indulge in a quaint picnic with homemade Thai cuisines and desserts.

Sunset sailing
For a nautical adventure, hop on board one of the majestic yachts of Koh Samui. Better yet, enjoy a luxurious ride on ‘Kinddred Spirit’ of Samujana. The best of its kind, ‘Kindred Spirit’ is a well-designed thirteen-meter catamaran that boasts of en-suite rooms, spacious staterooms, and state-of-the-art safety equipment. Explore the surrounding beauty of Koh Samui in class!

Candlelight dinner with nature
Thailand is surrounded by an abundant nature. It is no surprise to see breath-taking scenic views anywhere you look. With such natural beauty, a candlelight dinner under the stars surrounded by Thailand’s wonder should be on everyone’s Valentine’s bucket list. Bangkok is one place to be! Trust us, your date will feel like a million bucks with a setting straight out from a romantic movie. And oh, the good thing is that you are both there to relish it.

Relaxing couple spa
Thai massages are one of the best things you can both do. It is the perfect way of relieving oneself from all of the accumulated physical and mental stress. So what makes this Valentine’s date option? Thai massages are not your usual pressure-and-knead process. With an ancient healing technique, your therapist will slowly incorporate Ayurvedic method, assisted yoga, and acupressure. You’ll wake up feeling like a royalty!

Alfresco movie night
Love watching movies together? Take it to the next level with an alfresco movie date! Imagine this: cool breeze, ambient lights, quaint seating arrangement, and the movie of the month. For a memorable experience, Cinema Paradiso (Thailand) is the best way to go. Guests are treated to a film noir and are given headphones to fully appreciate the film. Don’t forget your popcorns and prosecco.

Thailand has a lot to offer this month. And we are sure you’d love it! Go ahead and make your Valentine’s truly a memorable one!

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