Non-negotiables to Island Life: Koh Samui Edition

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Summer beckons us to relax, have fun, and let go of everything that confines you. Even for those living in tropical countries, this season is the perfect time to take a break from the usual routine that the city life offers. With this in mind, a lot of people would really take time to find that sublime refuge they can visit – a piece of tropical haven welcoming all sorts of tourists.

As such, Thailand is always on top of the list of go-to places. It is one of the recurring suggestions that would pop up once the question of places to explore during summertime is asked. How so? Thailand is brimming with life! It never runs out activities perfect for family, group of friends, or for that soloist backpacker wanting to meet new people. Thailand has something for everyone.

But if you want just one place that has everything (almost), then look no further. Focus your attention on the island of Koh Samui. This island is a bustling island off the coast the main island of Thailand. With its arresting features (you’ll immediately notice it once you step foot on the island), no wonder Koh Samui is one of the booming tourism hubs in Thailand.

From a personal standpoint, Koh Samui’s hospitality is akin to going home after a crummy day at work or school. It rejuvenates you knowing that you can finally have an unparalleled comfort.

Now, when you spend your precious summer days in a tranquil paradise it is all about having the essentials with you. Although there is clearly a lot of things-to-do, here are some non-negotiables you may regard and need while in Koh Samui.


Water activities

Surrounded by water, Koh Samui is the ideal place for water sports enthusiasts. There are a number of activities you can try while staying on the island, but for something slightly peculiar, you can ride any of the three catamarans at Samujana. The ‘Crazy Horse’ sailing catamaran is ideal for a unique sailing experience. With its well-detailed design, this catamaran is very smooth to handle and is great for island hopping. On the other hand, the ‘Dreamcatcher’ is a stunning thirty-three-foot exclusive cruising catamaran fully equipped and specially designed for tropical sailing. While ‘The Kindred Spirit’ is a luxurious catamaran fit for a large group of guests who want so circumnavigate Koh Samui or snorkel in the Ang Thong Marine Park. Visit /experiences/on-the-water/ to know more about these catamarans.


A fun-filled adventure for families

For those visiting Koh Samui with their families, there are an array of trips you can take and sights to visit. One site is the Big Buddha which is the most famous temple on the island. Remember to take a picture with the 12-metre Buddha statue in your background! With the influx of families to Koh Samui, Samujana is designed with the idea of families spending the much-needed quality time here.

Summer getaway with friends

They say you can’t do memorable things with normal people, so why not invite your friends and hop on the next plane to Koh Samui (daily flights to Koh Samui is available via Bangkok Airways). You and your pals will surely find more than one interesting activity to do together such as jumping off a platform that is 50 metres above the ground. Perhaps, conquering the rough terrains is your thing. Then hop on an ATV and drive through the jungle!

 Local island and fusion cuisines

Of course after all those activities you’ve tried out, you will surely be famished. But fret not, Koh Samui is an island for food lovers as well. Craving for something Thai? Then a range of beachside restaurant can whip up an authentic local dish in a minute. Looking for other culinary marvels? Then the list of the available menu at Samujana will surely satisfy you. Samujana’s extensive menu ranges from quick snacks to burgers and tacos. And no need to go out of your Samujana villa, you can leisurely wait as the food is prepared and cooked in your villa.

Your own villa

A trip to Koh Samui is never complete if you haven’t stayed in a villa. With its charming villas, Samujana provides an unparalleled luxury experience for everyone. Each villa comes with its own oversized private infinity pools with a guaranteed scenic view. World-class services are at hand the moment you are picked up from the airport. And for a truly global relaxation, each villa has its own villa manager, villa maid, and modern leisure facilitates.  Contact our reservations team at

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