Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress and Boost Immunity

As part of our wellness series, Khun Yaya Nachita takes you through her yoga sequence which is suitable for all levels, including beginners. The yoga video can be seen on Samujana Instagram TV: For those that are new to yoga, improved flexibility is one of the most obvious benefits of Yoga. Practicing yoga also builds muscle strength, prevents joint breakdown, protects the spine, increases blood flow and boosts immunity. 

Let’s do these simple yoga poses that can be helpful in relieving stress. Focus on how you connect with your body and mind. The key in yoga is to be calm & be in a quiet place. Start with sitting down in a comfortable position. Slowly close your eyes. Sit up straight. Relax every part of your body. Inhale deeply with your nose, count from 1 to 4. Exhale then count from 1 to 4. Hold for 2 more breaths. On your next inhale, raise both arms up at the same time on the left & right side of your body then exhale while bringing your arms down. Bring your palms down on your knees. Slowly lean your body to the left side then to the right. Come back to center. Slowly open your eyes. Inhale while bringing both arms up over the head in an H position. Exhale then move both arms down. 

Table, Cow and Cat Tilt Pose: Start the table pose by kneeling down. Your knees should be aligned with your hips. Bring the palms directly under the shoulders with the fingers facing forward. For the cow pose, start from table pose, inhale and reach the tailbone up towards the ceiling, arching the spine and letting the belly drop down. Spread the fingers wide apart and press the palms into the floor. To do the cat pose, start from Table pose, exhale and tuck the tail bone under, round the spine and let the head drop down. Breathe and hold for 4-8 breaths for each pose.

Standing Forward Fold Pose: From a standing position, exhale forward hinging at the hips. Bend the knees enough to bring the palms flat to the floor and the head pressed against the knees. Work on straightening the legs to deepen the stretch in the back of the legs. Breathe and hold for 4-8 breaths. Slowly release then move back to a standing position.

Downward Facing Dog Pose: From Table position, tuck the toes under, press into the hands and begin to lift the hips up towards the ceiling. Using straight arms, press the hips up and back reaching the chest towards the thighs. Lift up through the tailbone to keep the spine straight and long. Straighten your both legs. Breathe and hold for 4-8 breaths.

Low Lunge Pose: On your hands and knees in Table pose, exhale then step the right foot forward between the two hands, with the knee directly over the ankle. Bring left knee down. Raise both arms up over the head in an H position and do a low lunge. Keep your spine straight. Breathe and hold for 2-6 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

One-Legged Pigeon Pose: From the Table pose, slide the right knee forward between the hands. Let the right foot slide over to the left. Slide the left leg back, lowering the hips towards the floor. Press down into the palms, inhale and reach the crown of the head up, lengthening the spine. Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths. To release, support your weight with the hands as you slide the right knee back into Table pose. Repeat on the other side.

Butterfly Pose: Sit with your legs straight out in front of you. Exhale, bend your knees, pull your heels toward your pelvis, then drop your knees out to the sides and press the soles of your feet together. Bring your heels as close to your pelvis as you comfortably can. With the first and second finger and thumb, grasp the big toe of each foot. If it isn’t possible to hold the toes, clasp each hand around the same-side ankle or shin. Stay in this pose anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. Inhale then lift your knees away from the floor, and extend the legs back to their original position.

Wellness is an important part of the Samujana Experience, whatever that means to you. It could mean simply taking the time to relax or perhaps a daily yoga practice is an important part of your routine. Whilst we are unable to provide our view to your living room, Samujana is committed to deliver our in-resort wellness experiences with love to your home. We’ll be sharing videos, tutorials, articles and advice to keep you fit & healthy at home. Please follow our Samujana social media pages for more yoga poses and wellness tips. 

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