Diving at Koh Samui

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The exquisite charm of Koh Samui is undeniable. Wherever you look there is something special to welcome you: the long sandy beach shores, crystal-blue waters, fresh seafood. And the list of Koh Samui’s charms goes on. It is no wonder that for the past years, millions of people keep on visiting this island.

Of course, travelling to Koh Samui gives a pleasant surprise as it has something for every type of wanderer. Families will find delight in the different activities available for their kids. For party-seekers, the night life here is full of entertainment. While adventure-seekers will be excited to know that there are a number of scuba diving sites around the island waiting to be discovered.

Scuba Diving at Thailand

Thailand’s prime location offers travellers an abundance of underwater activities. Similar to what other islands surrounded by beautiful waters it’s fantastic marine and coral reef environment is an irresistible attraction for scuba diving enthusiasts. With temperature ranging between 28oC to 29oC and clear waters, it has something for everyone regardless of your diving background.

As one of Thailand’s most famous islands, many consider Koh Samui as the ultimate place to enjoy basking in the sun and exploring underwater marine life. However, there are certain reminders to remember. Most of the diving sites or hosts are closed between May to October. There are also strict rules being implemented to safeguard and preserve Thailand’s deep-sea life.

The governing body for these diving sites does not allow more than three dives per day, with only 40 meters of the maximum depth and diving boats must be in good working condition. Proper garbage disposal is observed. Feeding fishes and other marine life is also prohibited.

The Dive Spots at Koh Samui

The topography of Koh Samui [and the whole of Thailand as a sheltered bay] is ideal for diving. The sea surrounding the island is usually calm which is a good indicator that you can safely enjoy and have fun while being underwater.

There are different dive sites near the island and is easily accessible by day trips from Koh Samui. Among the most famous is the sites are the places around Koh Tao and dive spots in Ang Thong National Marine Park.

Sali Rock

Sali Rock is located between Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. It is characterised by surrounding rocky seamounts and a slew of colourful corals which is illuminated by the light passing through the waters. It is considered as one of the best sites in Thailand, as this is a hotspot for spotting marine life. On a normal diving day, the water current brings in Barracuda and hunting trevallies, plus a school of small fishes that swim around. This is also a great spot for some whale shark sightings. Going to this dive site will be more memorable with a trip to ‘The Chimney’, a rock with vertical entrance at 18 meters deep.

Koh Yippon

This is the perfect location for both divers and those who just want to snorkel around the site. Found in a protected area on Angthong National Marine Park, the majority of the site is shallow allowing visibility of anemones, corals, and barrel sponges from the surface.

South-West Pinnacle

Offering an amazing marine life sighting, the South-West pinnacle is a set of rock formations. Visible small cracks on the rock formation serve as a home for sweetlips swoose, harlequin sweetlips, and snappers. Brilliantly-coloured anemones of blues, greens, and pink acts as a delicate cover for the rocks. This dive site is also a place where large schools of different fishes gather, attracting whale and leopard sharks.

Chumphon Pinnacle

Another famous dive site, Chumphon Pinnacle will not disappoint with its underwater spectacle. A few hours from Koh Samui, this spot is known for the beautiful corals that seem to harmoniously lay on the pinnacles. A series of impressive granites can also be seen on this site. And the activities of aquatic life is breathtaking with trevally, groupers, batfish, and manta ray as among the sightings you will see.

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