Travel Bloggers of 2017: Part 1

It is undeniable that Koh Samui is a constant favourite destination for travellers of all sorts: for adventure-seekers, beach bums, nature lovers, Nomad backpackers, global trotters, or luxury tourists. The reason is quite simple: it offers a priceless experience of being in a place that is closest to heaven.

Located in a surreal, picturesque island off the coast of Thailand, Koh Samui can be easily reached by daily flights or arranged boat logistics. For this reason – plus a number of other wonderful vacation excuses – has had travel bloggers from across the world regularly flock this Thai paradise.

Since it’s already past half of the year, we are here to feature again some of the world’s best travel bloggers for 2017. They have been to countless exotic places, seen a myriad of culture up close, and gave a chance to glimpse the beauty of the world to their followers. The bloggers mentioned here are not arranged specifically. However, we would like you to keep track of these bloggers as they continue to take us to different locations through their vivid stories and stunning photos.


Murad Osmann | @muradosmann

Together with his wife, Nataly, Russian photographer Murad Osmann explores the most exotic places and take their #followmeto photos. The couple shot to fame with their unique photos and their standard travel pose. As seen with each post, Natalya has her back face the camera where she takes Murad’s hand and lead him to some of the world’s beautiful locations.


Jessica Stein |

With an Instagram follower of almost 3 million, Jessica Stein is one of the most followed Australian bloggers. Jessica Stein continues to share pictures of her dreamy travels around the globe. She documents her stylish travels around the globe through her site, Tuula Vintage. As shared through one of her interviews, her website came to life as one friend suggested to document her trip to Europe. Curious about her blog name? It was inspired by a Finnish word meaning ‘wind’.


Jack Morris + Lauren Bullen | +

This famous couple traveller is so well-known that they are considered as an Instagram sensation. Each of their photos has this mesmerizing effect that makes you want to fill your days with travels. The young couple, who met at Fiji, continues to explore each continent while sharing amazing photos.


Christopher Collin| @wisslaren

What started out as a simple hobby turned out to be the perfect outlet to document his travels. Christopher Collin is one of the most well-known Swedish photographers out there. With over 1 million Instagram followers, he tries to engage his viewers while capturing their emotions.


Kiersten Rich|

We all know the allure of travel – it makes you decide to leap from ordinary to extraordinary. Take the story behind ‘The Blonde Abroad’ as an example. Kiersten Rich is a Californian travel blogger who left her corporate job to pursue an opportunity to hop from one country to another. Without looking back, she has been to 50 different countries which she never fails to document on her site.


Ready to pack your things? We are! As we definitely would love a much-needed vacation. Perhaps somewhere with azure waters and delectable cuisines. Like what Samujana has to offer – well-designed villas with breath-taking sceneries, authentic Thai hospitality paired with tailor-fit services, and a warm welcome to paradise.

So the next time you plan for your next destination – be in Europe, South America, Australia, or Asia – let these travel bloggers show you how it is done. Watch out for our next round of travel bloggers to keep your wanderlust goals on track!

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