Bodyweight Exercises you can do at Home

How to get fit at home? With the chaos happening around the world right now, many people are being advised to stay indoors. Any kind of movement is good for human health. People can start their fitness journey by simply going for a walk. But this is not easy if you’re trapped in your house. You can create a walking path through your home. The longer the walking path the better. You can go in one direction and then turn around to reverse. A cheap pedometer or the pedometer feature of your watch/phone could help you track your walking steps each day. If possible, try to accumulate 10,000 steps per day.

Sticking with a routine is one challenge of getting fit while staying inside the house. If you don’t have gym equipment at home, how are you supposed to workout when confined in your house? This is challenging if you have a specific gym routine! Whether you’re somebody who works from home or you’re only quarantined for a couple of weeks, here’s what we recommend:

–    Schedule your workouts in your planner or calendar. Treat them like a gym workout. 

–    Have a definite routine to follow. Set a time to make sure you are getting enough exercise. 

–    Bodyweight workouts can build muscle by doing it with the right intensity & have the right plan in place. 

Here is an example of a Full-Body Bodyweight Workout for beginners. Do 3 circuits of each exercise. 

–        10 Walking lunges (each leg)

–        10 Push-ups

–        20 Bodyweight squats

–        20 Second Plank

–        30 Jumping jacks

Do a bodyweight exercise every day. Strength training makes your muscles stronger. You can do strength training from the comfort of your home. These exercises can be 100% done with your own body weight. Pick an exercise for each major muscle group and make it more challenging as you begin to grow muscle and strength. 

Pick a bodyweight exercise for each major muscle group:

·       Core: reverse crunches to strengthen your core

·       Lower Body: exercise can be a bodyweight squat

·       Upper Body – Push: exercise can be a push up

·       Upper Body – Pull: inverted bodyweight row exercise can be done on a sturdy table in your room

It doesn’t matter what time of day you train. Aim to do a bodyweight workout about 2-3 times a week. A Monday-Wednesday-Friday workout routine works well to ensure your body has enough time to recover. If you want to do Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday, great.  Focus on getting stronger with each movement. If you prefer to train 4 times a week, you may do a Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Saturday routine. Keep in mind that if you will work out on two consecutive days like Wednesday and Thursday, don’t work the same muscles. 

Pick a time and do what works best for you. Just be consistent with it. Doing one of these bodyweight exercises every single day has benefits: Not only to build muscle, but exercising can also remind us we’re trying to be healthy, which can remind us to eat healthier. Samujana is committed to deliver our in-resort wellness experiences with love to your home. We’ll be sharing videos, tutorials, articles and advice to help you get fit at home.

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