Miss Diah Intan Maulidya

Diah is originally from Indonesia but spent half her life in Thailand. With more than 13 years of experience living in the Kingdom, she had the opportunity to master the culture and language which is a plus given the fact that all her co-workers and friends are Thais. Before joining Samujana the first time as Wedding & Event Manager 4 years ago, she acquired her experience in organizing medical conferences in Bangkok for a few years and found her way to Samui as Marketing & Event at Impiana Resort. With her knowledge on Samujana, her kindness, professionalism and customer service mind-set, Diah was given the opportunity to come back as Property Sales Manager in the beginning of 2017.  Diah is culinary thrill seeker and loves sampling local food with a preference for clean food, she enjoys watching movies, meeting people and has busy social life.