Island Getaways – Part 2

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Ask anyone who frequently travels, and they will say an island getaway is something anyone should just do. No excuses. If the opportunity presents itself, grab it! And if you have more time in your hands, then you have all the reasons to visit different beautiful destinations – from West to East, North down to South.

If you need more persuading (Come on, it’s a trip you so deserve!) on why you need to travel to an island, here are some interesting studies or information worth mentioning. One of the standards for health studies – the Framingham Heart Study – concluded that people who don’t take vacations are 30%to 50% likely to have cardiac arrest.

Another way to look at is why looking at something that blue makes you in a way, calmer? According to research by the Michigan State University, being exposed to the colour blue for a long period of time reduces psychological distress. Why so? Seeing something naturally beautiful backdrop or nature promotes a relaxed state of the mind. In short, being surrounded by crystal, blue water is an effective way to get all that needed leisure.

Aren’t these enough reasons to book your flight and pack your luggage? If you need help choosing where to go, then look no further. These countries have such rich biodiversity it is teeming with unspoilt and breath-taking scenery ready to help anyone unwind in seconds. It is also convenient that these are all easily accessible with several flight options to and from the location.


Thailand is the perfect destination when you need great food, mix of luxury escape and backpacking adventure, lush jungles and aquamarine waters! There are several activities to fill your weekend. Be trained by some of the best scuba instructors while diving into world-class spots. Take a history class and visit all the temples to learn Thai’s rich culture and traditions. Or even have a sacred tattoo done by monks! For adventure seekers, go on trekking into one of Thailand’s many dense, but wonderful, forests. Our best suggestion? Stay in one of the many islands in Thailand. Choose from several sandy, white beaches to laze around. Koh Samui is famous for its mix of opulent retreat spaces and preserved beach areas. While in Koh Samui, Samujana is the top choice for those who want a worry-free, relaxing island life.


Considered as an archipelago, the Philippines gives you unending islands to explore. Trust us! It will take you more than a year to visit all. While in the Philippines the hospitality and beauty of the place, staying for good sounds like a dream come true. One of the alluring island of this country is Boracay. Famed for its five kilometre all-white and naturally fine shores, this island would always rank among the top places to visit in the world. The amount of seafood cuisines abundant around the island will make anyone crave for more. From 5-star resorts to colourful laid-back shanties, almost everyone will find a second home in Boracay. Though currently still closed for environmental purposes, it’s splendid glory will make you want to visit it once it opens for the tourists again.


Some of Australia’s shores are not usually on top of island or beach destinations for most travellers. But, this island continent has more than 45,000 kilometre stretch of stunning coastline. With its mix of excitement and indulgence, tourists who do not include Australia’s shores in their itinerary are missing out on a lot of things. The massive continent offers travellers all the charms of wilderness and plethora or environmental wonders. For example, the Whitehaven Beach sand contains 98% pure silica. It looks so pristine; it’s alabaster shade will make you see winter under the sun.

Caribbean Islands

With several islands surrounding the Caribbean seas, there’s bound to be a perfect island vacation waiting for you. We’re sharing two of the most dreamed destinations in the region: Barbados and Bahamas! Barbados, an island that will make you think of pink sands and sunset cocktails. With a cosmopolitan culture and chic lifestyle, this is the place for an upscale holiday break. Take note, Barbados has its own Zagat guide. While the Bahamas offers the best romantic destination (to Ernest Hemingway’s credit) with its [literal] crystal clear shallow waters and thousands of deserted cays. For those seeking fun, there is a place in Bahamas where you can swim together with cute pigs that freely roam the Pig Beach.

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