A Splashing Holiday in Thailand

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Surrounded by lush mountains and divine waters that invites us to swim for days, Thailand definitely has the elements to make it a tropical haven. And that includes its weather. The country enjoys the bounty that comes with the rainy season, however, when it comes to its dry season, the people are treated to a scorching hot weather. Despite this unforgiving condition, especially now that summer is approaching (summer usually happens during the month of March, April, and May), there are still a lot of tourists willing to visit this beautiful country.

Thousands of tourists, realistically speaking.

How come? Well, one thing is that Thailand is genuinely fascinating; with its rich heritage and traditions. And speaking of culture, the country has such a diverse civilization that guests are treated to an amazing display of lifestyle. The second thing is that Thai’s natural wonder offers an escape to the sweltering heat. Who can resist such cool, clear-blue waters? No one.

Another reason would be because of its festival – and one includes splashing of water all day. Yes, you heard that right. Thailand has a celebration of throwing water and getting soaked. And to surprise you even more, this event is notable because it signals one of the biggest occasions in the country: New Year.

This event is called Songkran in the Thai language. It is the country’s way to spread kindness, compassion, and gratitude. It is also a period of change (the translation of the word Songkran means ‘astrological passageway’ that is derived from a Sanskrit word that means moving forward), where the use of water signifies cleansing oneself from all the mistakes from last year.

And recently, the government allowed the extension of the celebration and turn it into a 5-day holiday adding more time for both locals and tourists to enjoy this fun-filled water festivity. Happening every April, the five days of merrymaking has its own activities. To give a background, based on the Brahmin calendar, it is said that the official first day of Songkran takes place when the sun’s position changes from Pisces to the position of Aries.

April 13 is associated with the Day of the Elders or Senior. It is a way to give appreciation to them for their contribution to society and their importance in the family. While April 14 is dedicated in commemorating more time with families.

In case you missed last year’s celebration, here are some things you can look forward this April!

  • For a fresh start, opt to clean your homes. With Samujana, just ask your Villa Manager and all the cleaning is easily taken care of without taking any of your precious time.
  • Creating pagodas out of sand means good merit as bringing sand inside the temple premises means it can be used to restore the temple. So after a relaxing time at your villa, you can go straight to the nearest temple to bring some sand you got at the nearby shore.
  • Of course, water activities are the main highlight of Songkran, but did you know there are several other traditional happenings and performances you can enjoy while in Thailand. In Phra Pradaeng District which is also known as a site for culture, spectators are treated to the best of the Songkran There is the exciting water splashing at the same time you can experience other authentic Thai acts such as traditional parades.
  • There are also beauty pageants where contestants wear the most intricate Chut Thai
  • You can also receive merits by offering alms to the monks, and also sprinkling water to monks and Buddha images. In addition, listening to the preaching is another authentic Songkran
  • For those who want to engage in friendly water fights with locals and other tourists alike, then Khao San Road is the place you should visit. Bring your most sturdy, colourful water guns and be ready to defend yourself against ice-cold water. Be wary, it can get crazy fun!
  • In Silom (Bangkok), guests can enjoy the view without getting soaked that much. But pay close attention to any fire trucks as they sure want to include you in the merrymaking!

Well of course while this is a happy occasion, there are some guidelines you need to know. Only use clean water without any other dangerous stuff such as colouring dye, alcohol, and other toxic materials. Keep it classy by using only moderate force while splashing water. Also, avoid throwing water at moving vehicles. And while drinks are prohibited in public places, you can always have an after-party at the comforts of your Samujana villa!

Overall, participating in Songkran sounds terrific. Trust us! If I were you, book your flights now for your celebration!

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