Creativity is About having Fun

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Creativity is a shared talent everyone has. But not everyone has the same way of showing it. It is one of those things that is diverse yet with one goal: enjoying the process. Simply put, creativity is about having fun. It is using one’s capability to achieve something entertaining or something amusing to, not only the individual but the people around. And because laughter is one of the best medicines out there, go forth and be more creative!

Creativity, in its modern definition, is an idea or action that will result in something novel and useful. It is also a way of communicating and expressing one’s emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. With such a broad definition it is no wonder there are many types of being ingenious.


Kids and Kids-at-heart having Fun in Samujana

As there are different aspects of creativity – there are those who can have a perfect recital of Beethoven’s classic, while there are those who can manually compute the square root of a number in seconds – it is comforting to know that this is just normal.

A different cup of tea for each individual. Right? But one thing is for sure: finding joy in things you do while being able to create something always go hand-in-hand. It’s one of the most satisfying moments in life. And when tackling the idea of doing something creative while still having fun, the options seem endless. Good thing Samujana has it all for those who want to have fun!


For those who like to always move
In the quest of something original, there is always an intense amount of energy involved. What’s more interesting is that there are people who can be up before the crack of dawn and still be the last one to sleep at night. Amazing! So, if you like to communicate with body language, do more physical activity and just be constantly moving, then Samujana’s got you covered. Our Koh Samui map will give you an idea of the activities you can do while in Koh Samui.


For those who like more ‘me-time’
Some love the serenity of being alone. Relish in the privacy that Samujana offers. For example, you want to read books. You can stay in your villa while sipping authentic Thai drinks and enjoying the scenic view overlooking your infinity pool. Trust us you’ll cherish every page of your book!


For those who are more into visuals
Let’s face it the outstanding beauty of Thailand will never cease to amaze you. All the colours of nature and the abundance of sunshine make every angle a perfect canvas for those who are very aware of their physical surroundings. For photographers and videographers, Samujana is the ultimate spot to capture the beauty of island life. Imagine the opportunity to photograph or even take videos of the picturesque sunsets reflected on the vast blue waters surrounding your villa.


For those who believes in the saying ‘the more, the merrier’
Being a social butterfly means that companions make you even happier and productive! Samujana has all the space for big groups of family, friends, and even employees. Some of Samujana’s villas feature private cinemas and games room to keep everyone entertained. While for corporate-related matters, Samujana’s events team can certainly assist with our tailored programs.

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