A Piece of Thailand: Souvenirs for Everyone

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While reading the book ‘Rebecca’ by Lady Browning, there is this part that tells us an impulsive desire. And this desire is about having an invention to keep memories of sweet moments, priceless experience to never fade. Sort of like a box to keep everything well-preserved, but much like the modern technology of time machine where a person can relive it as if it was never a bygone moment.

Often when people travel, fascinating things unravel which makes each trip memorable. And when that glorious moment happens it is as if you don’t want things to end. In reality (also if you really don’t travel for work), each trip will come to a stop.

Good thing we can take home a piece of the trip back to home. Be it a clear memory of what happened during the journey, a photograph, or a souvenir of what’s best from the country.


Save Me Some Souvenirs

The notion of bringing something back home dates back to ancient times. It is said that souvenirs were considered relics from where a person came from. In the records from legendary write Homer speaks of these memorabilia in his poem ‘The Iliad’.


TRIVIA:The word souvenir is a Greek word which means something tacky (sou) that was bought from a vacation by a friend or family (venir).

Based on the study done by Professor Hugh Wilkins, these are the core consumer-centric reasons as to why souvenirs exists: be given as gifts, to serve as a memory of the trip, and to show proof of the travel. On a more emotional sense, Rolf Potts explains, “it’s just something we do, as a way of familiarizing ourselves with the world, its possibilities, and our place in it”.So it is understandable that during holidays people get tangible memorabilia to either serve as a reminder or proof of the place they have been to. And when talking about trips, it is automatically linked to bringing souvenirs back home.


Best Thai Baubles

Thailand’s rich heritage lets tourists choose from an assortment of well-made and carefully crafted souvenirs. From something quirky to something delicious, people can always have something to bring back after their memorable stay in the Land of Smiles. While an array of items can quickly overwhelm those who plan to purchase anything, it is guaranteed that there is an item worth buying. For starters, here are some of the well-known souvenirs you can carry back to your loved one anything you visit Thailand.


Thai handicrafts and trinkets

From woodworks to ceramic, handicrafts from Thailand are some of the best souvenirs one can get. Just a quick stroll in the bustling cities of Thailand and it is easily noticeable to see why. From the intricate designs applied to each handicraft, travellers can already grasp the culture of Thailand. Some of these products includes the use of ancient techniques passed down through generations and requires the mastery of the craft.

Suggestions: Hand-carved statues, wooden sandals, home décor pieces.


Thai silk and fabrics

One trivia is that Thailand is not originally famous for its silk. It was with the help of businessman Jim Thompson that propelled the revival of Thailand’s silk industry.  Nowadays, Thailand is practically well-known for its silk and fabrics. Thai silk has been coveted for its quality and design. Weaving fabrics is also one of the deep-rooted traditions in the country. Fabrics in Thailand are part of their way of life, over time this further evolved into something we now appreciate: hand-dyed and woven with a slight touch of modernity.

Suggestions: Shawls, scarfs, sarong and other traditional clothing


Thai snacks and spices

Surrounded by lush forests and unique terrains, Thailand is home to an abundant fruits and vegetables. It is also a fact that the love for anything spicy and aromatic is predominant in the country. What do you get with these? Best take-home snacks and packed spices!

Suggestions: Curry powders, dried fruits, herbs and spices.

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