Alternative Activities in Thailand: 2017

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There are certain things in life we need: like a good trip off to an exotic place, welcomed by a relaxed atmosphere and a ton of adventure activities for that perfect getaway. So what do you do? Sign off any last minute work-related stuff, pack your things, and book that next flight to your dream vacation (We heard Koh Samui is a heaven on earth!).

While in transit to your destination, a tropical paradise of all sort, you anticipate all the exciting things you will get to see, do, and try out. Usually, when you think of going to an island the immediate to-do stuff includes basking under the sun, building sand castles on the shore, swimming under crystal waters, or idly laying under the cool shade of swaying palm trees.

Sounds fantastic? You bet. But all of those are some of the normal things you would usually want to do at an island. Have you ever thought of doing other fun-filled activities that you never imagined can be done on an island?

Like learning acrobatics, perhaps. Surprising? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some activities you definitely must try when in Thailand.


Juggling Circus Life

Once as kids, there was an instance that the only thing on our mind is being in a circus and doing those amazing death-defying stunts to a perfect tee. And you ponder if there are any schools that would teach you these stuff. Well with Thailand’s specialised school, doing some serious circus tricks may not be far-fetch.

Pai Circus School offers free lessons in the basic rudiments of Poi, juggling, and other circus tricks. Located in the charming city of Pai, the circus school is operating on a full-time basis with regular classes between 4 PM to 6 PM. Surrounded by mountains, this is an energising place to learn newfound art while meeting new friends. Want to test out your skills? A juggling competition is held every December (first weekend) for three days.


The Great Outdoors

When you thought you have visited all the gorgeous shores of Thailand, then you are missing out on a novel activity to do in the country. If you enjoy the simple outdoor lifestyle; better head straight to Camp Maya Bay.

Going back to the basics and getting in touch with nature: this sums up a day at Camp Maya. Situated on the infamous beach where ‘The Beach’ was filmed (Anyone remembered the young Leonardo DiCarpio with his already strong acting prowess?), it offers a refreshingly new take of staying at Thailand. With little to no facilities and accommodation, guests visiting are treated to an amazing night of sleeping under the sky full of stars. And since the number of guests are limited for each day, it’s a perfect way to enjoy the bay view.


Conquering Heights

For the thrill-seekers out there, conquering one’s fear is a sure way to truly have a memorable trip. Be it swimming with the great sharks or escaping a labyrinth-theme haunted house, the flush of excitement never ceases. Following the famous glass bridges and walkways across the globe, Thailand now offers the same daredevil feat with the newly opened glass sky walk at Wat Pha Tak Suea.

The walk way is located atop a cliff next to the temple at Nong Khai province. Accommodating only 20 guests at a time, the sky walk offers a spectacular view of the Mekong river below and valleys filled with thick morning fog during the cooler seasons.


Blessed Skin Art

If the love for art and it’s many forms fascinates you, then Thailand is one of the best places to be in. With a rich heritage and colourful culture, getting tattoo here will be more than just a surreal moment; rather it will be a magical one.

With over a century old history, Bangkok’s finest tattoo artist are those who bless you with Buddhist prayers as the intricate designs is inked on your skin using traditional tools. Known as Sak Yant, this traditional way of tattooing involves consultation and prayers by monks. The best part is that the sacred geometric design (and where it will be placed) is usually chosen by the monk based on the aura you are emitting.


Cooking ala-Thai

It is well-known that Thai cuisines are some of the most unique and the most delicious around the world. Balancing rich flavours of spices, sweets, sour, and salty; Thai food is always full of delectable surprises. When in Thailand, a great way to truly experience the culture and meet new people is through cooking. Who doesn’t love food?

Cooking classes would normally last for less than a day. It would cover the basics of preparing a starter, one main, and desserts. For added fun, entertainment is included such as singing and dancing (Though the dancing part is a perfect excuse if you just want to try out those Thai moves you’ve been practicing). Samujana offers cooking class for all ages. With step-by-step guide on mouth-watering dishes such as Yam Talay, Pad Thai Prak, and so much more!

We bet after all these activities, your dream vacation to Thailand will top your bucketlist!

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