A Guide to Travel Experts in Thailand

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Thailand has long been a popular travel destination, and because of this, tourists have tons of different options available to them when traveling. They can read up on any of the innumerable Thailand guidebooks, peruse an endless list of web sites and travel blogs on the subject, or sign up for any number of all-expenses-paid tours.

Having so many different choices can seem like a positive thing, but it can also be a negative. How are you ever going to find the best fit for yourself when there’s so much information out there?

The answer comes from finding the right travel experts in Thailand. If you can find and connect with these professionals, you’ll be able to enjoy an experience that’s tailor-made for your needs and traveling style. Here are a few steps to take to connect with a travel expert in Thailand:


Some people are simply indecisive. Confronted by so many choices, they can’t make up their minds about where to go and what to see. They just need to pick one guidebook or one web site and then jump in and create an itinerary.

Taking this approach does a couple of things. First, it stops the indecisiveness. Second, it gives your efforts a direction. You’ve chosen what you want to do – now all you have to do is decide if you can accomplish your itinerary by yourself or if you need the help of a travel expert.

Once your trip has a firm direction, you’ll be better able to choose the type of travel expert that can aid you in making your plans become reality.


Often referred to using the acronym TAT, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is great resource for authentic tourist information. On their website, you’ll find insider tips about top tourist destinations within the country, as well as articles about upcoming festivals, special events and insider tips.

Obviously, this site is trying to sell the idea of traveling to Thailand. But, they aren’t trying to sell you a specific type of vacation, so you can be sure that the the information is relatively unbiased.


One of the most convenient options for Thailand travel is to book a tour with a premium travel company. Well-known names like Abercrombie and Kent and Kensington Tours offer package tours of Thailand. If you choose to take advantage of this option, your tour will be planned to hit all the major sites and experiences in the country you’ll want to enjoy. And, depending on the tour you book, you’ll also travel in a fair bit of comfort – staying in nice hotels and moving around by train or luxury bus.

If this is your first trip to Thailand, the travel experts at these companies will undoubtedly give you an enjoyable introduction. They also have more specialized tours to accommodate your needs and preferences, though these aren’t as widely available as the basic “see the sights” packages.

Another choice, at least with Abercrombie and Kent, is to take an extended tour of mainland Southeast Asia. You’ll spend a fair bit of time in Thailand, but will also visit Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and perhaps Myanmar. Generally, the travel company will have a different travel expert to coordinate the activities in each country, giving you the best possible experience in a range of environments.


Lonely Planet’s paperback guidebooks used to be required reading for budget travelers, and it’s safe to say that every well-used backpack had a few dog-eared volumes for different destinations in it. these days, the Lonely Planet website has replaced these hefty books, but this new format remains a good resource for travelers.

Actually, it’s a good source for more than merely getting information. The Lonely Planet web site lists a number of tours for virtually every country in the world, including Thailand. These are geared towards younger travelers and are generally cheaper than going with a premium travel company. If you’d rather skip the museums and go snorkeling or hike to waterfalls, these options will serve you better than almost any other option out there.


Thailand is a very diverse country, making traveling everywhere an attractive idea. But if you’re already familiar with the country – or if you have a specific type of vacation in mind – then focusing on one place can make it easier to take advantage of the services of a travel expert.

If you choose Koh Samui, for example, you can rent a secluded villa with private pool and use local guides or the concierge service available at your resort to plan all your activities. Luxury resorts like Samujana have an array of specially planned experiences that are available exclusively to guests. If you’re searching for a truly exclusive experience in Thailand, booking a resort and connecting with its travel experts may be the best strategy.


You’d be surprised what you’ll find when you search for niche tours in Thailand. Options range from culinary tours to bicycle treks, and from nature excursions to shopping and fashion experiences. Some travel experts focus on a single niche, and others on a specific area (such as “adventure sports tours” or “shopping tours”). The advantage of this kind of tour is that you’ll usually get a very in-depth experience. The drawback, of course, is that your trip will wind up focusing on your chosen niche, leaving you with little time for other things.


Old fashioned brick-and-mortar travel agencies are still great resources for international travel. They’ll be able to show you specialty tours that you would never be able to find on your own, and since they work with tour operators regularly, they’ll know which experts provide good services and which do not.

No matter what your travel preferences or style, consider all of these possibilities before deciding which travel expert in Thailand is best suited to your needs. By carefully considering all of the different alternatives available to you, you’ll be sure to find an option that’ll turn your Thailand travel dreams into a reality!

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