Isles of Thailand: Best islands you should visit

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They say the Kingdom of Thailand is a nation of islands, where beautiful isles — pristine, sublime, and awe-inspiring — surrounds you, waiting to be discovered. All of Thailand’s isle is surreal; a picturesque splendor that was lifted out from a fine art painting. You get almost the same feeling: walking on the shore with a warm, fuzzy feeling of sand in-between your toes and the sea breeze brushing to your face. With vast seas around each island, creating an ethereal-like mirror reflecting the skies, it lets you peek at the life underwater that is brimming with colour! But there is a striking difference.

From north to east, these islets have their own characteristic and allure making it difficult to decide on just one island. Well, here’s great news. You can always visit more than one island!

Koh Chang

 A place in between the modern and the conventional. Koh Chang is considered as the miniscule version of Thailand, with its unique mix of entertainment scene for party-goers and easy access to wilderness for nature lovers. Situated near the Cambodian borders, this island has a mountainous topography, a flourishing underwater scenery, and lovely seemingly endless off-white sandy beaches lined up with a number of hotels and resorts to choose from. Despite being Thailand’s third largest island [and the biggest Marine Park archipelago], Koh Chang is still relatively quiet and has a laid-back, rugged allure compared with other larger isles such as Phuket. However, visitors will sure find satisfaction with its’ lineup of available activities such as island hopping tours, trekking, and Cambodia-bound trips.

Koh Samet

 An unspoiled beauty is a worthy cause for an adventure. With its charm to backpackers, Koh Samet is the choice of island for visitors who wants to have a different kind of time off from the busy life at Bangkok. Sharing its beauty with now a larger crowd, several vacation establishments and spots are now located in this island offering a varying attractions. Weekend parties are the usual happenings on the white beachlines of Ao Hin Khok and Hat Sai Kaeo, with fire jugglers and endless barbecues as some if it’s must-watch and must-taste things to keep you entertained. Travellers who wish to keep an active itinerary for Koh Samet will be welcomed by windsurfing activities. Those who wish for a more relaxed and peaceful trip will find delight in the southern side of Koh Samet at Au Nuan, Ao Noina, Ao Wai, and Au Nuan.

Similan Islands

The more exclusive the place, the priceless the trip is knowing that an incomparable wonder awaits you. This island a marine national park in the Andaman Sea – meaning its untarnished beauty is well-protected by the government. A small group of islands reminiscent of The Beach (film) Koh Phi Phi island, but with more exquisite islands to choose from. Made up of nine otherworldly charming islands, and are named from north to south [as Number 1 to Number 9]. With a limited time to visit the islands (closed off from May to October each year) and always full-booked hotels (you can only stay on two islands: Koh Miang and Koh Similan), this is a definite must-visit place in Thailand. Diving activities at Richelieu Rock (near Burmese borders), whale shark sightings, beach walks on Koh Tachai’s shoes (the sparkliest and softest beachfront one can touch), and snorkelling at Koh Miang are just some of the awesome activities you can experience in Similan Islands.

Koh Si Chang

A quick break from the bustling city is a great way to recharge. One of the nearest islands from Bangkok, Koh Si Chang offers a unique vibe for those who wants to unwind. As small as it is, this island has a quaint appeal for tourists who find the mix of a busy fishing port and small-town charms a breath of fresh air. Taking a quick side trip from Bangkok, there are still a lot of things to see here. This island was once recognised as a retreat place and gateways for the royals, specifically King Rama V the Great or most famously known as King Chulalongkorn. King Rama V the Great ordered to have his summer residence, the Phra Chuthathut Palace, erected on Koh Si Chang. Other spots you can visit here includes, the Chinese Shrine and Wat Tham Yai Prik. For a more authentic experience, one can rent a motorcycle and drive around the island.

Koh Samui

Experience home away from home. One of the famous islands of Thailand, Koh Samui is a top destination for those who want to have a luxurious vacation. With a several land and water activities, numerous international fine dining and casual restaurants, Koh Samui is considered as the more hushed counterpart of Phuket. It is also one of the favourite honeymoon destinations because of its roster of premier hotels, such as Samujana, and the excellent elements for a romantic escapade. Despite being on the higher end of the spectrum, Koh Samui has everything for all travelers – families, friends, couples, or backpacking solo tourists.

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