Island Getaways 2018 – Part 1

In a blink of an eye, its 2018 already. It is always such a surreal experience how – when at the moment we are the happiest – time flies by in a steadfast motion. If only there was an apparatus of some sort, designed to replay our cherished moments in real life. A wishful thinking of a more advanced virtual reality, perhaps?

With all the celebrations, reunions done; we have finally settled in back to regular programming (we all work to travel, don’t you agree?). It’s now time for the next important thing: travel itinerary for 2018!

Of course now you know the holidays for the year. You should already take into consideration the expected and the made-up ones (those events do exist, by the way), into planning where you will be going next. Is it too early? We say there is never too early timeline to schedule your life’s next great adventure. Besides, it is more convenient to prepare ahead of time for your trip. That way you expand your options and strategically allot your effort and resources.

Now, your 2018 travel goals should include everything on your bucket list. Sunshine-filled winter? Check. Freestyle swimming with marine life? Check. And so much more. If in case you could not realistically fit everything this year, then it is still good for you. You can always start conquering different islands, one place at a time.


So here is this year’s list from us to you:


Koh Samui, Thailand

A paradise of its own beauty, Koh Samui offers symmetry in everything. Are you looking for a stylish escapade? Look no further as there are several high-class villas offering the best home away from home vacation. Take for example Samujana, giving you the best scenic views from its 26 well-designed private villas. If you want a more relaxed vibe, you will also find several places for that laid-back travel.

Koh Samui offers tourists plenty of reasons to go here. A serene island life awaits those you really want to relax, while its beach club scene gives the best entertainment scene for anyone. Oh did we say it has amazing crystal-blue waters and soft sandy beaches all year round?


Koh Rong, Cambodia

Cambodia is most famous for its magnificent Angkor Wat structure and other ancient ruins. But aside from these jaw-dropping ruins lies another secret jewel:  its lovely islets. Yes, you heard that right. So if you are spending more than a week in Cambodia, better include island visit to your plans.

What is our top-choice? Koh Rong. This relatively well-kept destination is now beginning to gain world attention with its undeniable charm. Several 5-star hotels are set to open on the beaches of Koh Rong, creating a myriad of accommodation choices. It also doesn’t hurt to know that WiFi is readily available on Koh Rong and you can use your credit card. Hallelujah!


Jeju Island, South Korea

K-pop fanatics all over the world or those who are into anything Korean, would relate as to why Jeju island should be on your list. Located off the coast of South Korea, this island has been a famous honeymoon destination. Why should it not be, an theme park designed for comic consumption of couples serves as the best invitation.

There is more. Tagged as ‘Hawaii of South Korea’, Jeju island is alluring on its own. It was named as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of Nature’ last 2011. It’s tranquil overall ambience is the best place to fully recharge and relax, while its different island activities and beach will keep you interested the whole time.


Siargao, Philippines

With more than 7,000 islands, this country is a stunning archipelago itself. A tropical climate also gives tourists the best excuse to travel here all-year long. With such a list of islands to visit, which should you go to this year?

Definitely Siargao. Dubbed as the ‘Surfing Capital of the Philippines’, it has a lot to show and offer other than surfing. Everything here is purely marvellous. This place is perfect for those wanting to escape city life and just bask in the simple pleasures in life surrounded by incomparable nature.


Phu Quoc, Vietnam

One can say that Phu Quoc is one of the ultimate places to be here on earth. With its expressive beauty, this island is a gives you the best of the world: as a sea paradise and as a lush paradise.

The island is home to several unspoiled beaches that is isolated from the harsh storms and unpredictable weather. Its forests are teeming with flora and fauna only found in the Vietnam. Aside from its natural allure, tourists will be attracted by its local charm. It also doesn’t hurt to know that Phu Quoc is a well-known food paradise as well!


So what are you waiting for? Get those calendar filled with another year of discovery and experience.

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