Thailand Long-Weekend Holidays 2022

Check out Thailand’s Long-Weekend Holidays 2022 so you can start planning your next holiday!

After such turbulent times as a result of the pandemic, with constant changes of rules, regulations and restrictions, the notion of travel seems like more of a hassle than what it’s worth. For those of us living here, the complications of planning an overseas holiday has deterred us from even attempting to leave the country for the foreseeable future…

But why travel abroad when you have one of the most beautiful and diverse countries on your doorstep?

It’s easy to take the country you’re living in for granted – many of us are guilty of simply visiting the same places again and again, yet there’s an abundance of wonders to explore within Thailand. From the mountains far north to the stunning islands of the south – and not forgetting everything in between.

Each and every province has its own charm; different local customs, exciting local vibrant cuisines and natural beauty. So whether you’re looking for a camping and hiking trip through the mountains of Pai, white water rafting in the rivers of kanchanaburi or soaking up the tropical sun, pristine palm tree edged beaches and crystal clear waters of Koh Samui island… there’s something for everyone.

The new year has brought us 12 (yes, 12!) Long Weekends for 2022 scattered throughout the year. There’s really no better time to start planning your domestic trips to quench that desire for wanderlust!

Below you’ll find a summary of the Long Weekends for 2022:

  •  13-17 April: Songkran (5 days)
  •  30 April – 4 May: May Day and Coronation Day (5 days)
  •  14 – 16 May: Wisakha Bucha Day (3 days)
  •  3 – 5 June: Queen’s Birthday (3 days)
  •  13 – 17 July: Khao Phansa (5 days)
  •  28 – 31 July: King’s Birthday (4 days)
  •  12 – 14 August: The Queen Mother’s Birthday (3 days)
  •  13 – 16 October: King Rama IX Memorial Day (4 days)
  •  22 – 24 October: King Rama V Memorial Day (3 days)
  •  3 – 5 December: King Rama IX’s Birthday Anniversary (3 days)
  •  10 – 12 December: Constitution Day ( 3 days)
  •  30 December – 2 January: New Year (4 days)

So there you have it, the perfect opportunity to explore our beautiful country. Why not take advantage of the current situation and plan your long weekend getaways.

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