Samujana Supports the Gentle Giants at Samui Elephant Haven

Samujana is a peaceful resort of villas that is enveloped by jungles, rolling hills, and the Gulf of Siam. As the world dreams of exotic and far-flung travel destinations from their armchairs, the team at the resort is working tirelessly to ensure that, when borders open and airplanes once again traverse the skies, their guests are safe.

There is an empathetic team at the resort who understand the concerns of guests emerging from an unprecedented period of confinement and the ‘headlight’ anxiety that the global lockdown has instilled.

Samujana Director, John Dopere is working diligently with his team to create a healthier approach to this crisis and improve sustainability within the resort. The new organic gardens that are nourished with manure from a local elephant sanctuary are bursting with fresh produce.

Samui Elephant Haven is the most significant ethical sanctuary on Koh Samui with 12 residents and eight ‘foster’ elephants that live happily in their reserve. Due to the loss of tourism, there have been no funds to feed these gentle giants.

Samujana has partnered with Samui Elephant Haven to create a community farm, that will not only help feed impoverished local communities but the waste products from the staple banana, pineapple, and corn crops will, in turn, feed the elephants. Win-win.

Samujana donated an area to grow banana trees and grass to help feed the elephants at Samui Elephant Haven. During the Covid situation, it is a continuous financial struggle to care for the elephants.

The new community farm project will help support the elephants. It will also enable Samui Elephant Haven to reduce food costs in feeding the elephants.

Samui Elephant Haven is very thankful to Samujana for their invaluable support and so happy to see the elephants continue to have the life that they deserve.

We encourage you to keep dreaming about this beautiful part of Koh Samui. Nature is taking over, and turtles once again return to nest on nearby beaches, eagles soar high above the resort, and we start forest and permaculture farming.

In our new future, we will help you create healthy new memories. Samujana. Your dream, your place, your time.

For more information about Samujana Resort in Koh Samui, email us at or call +66 (0) 77 423 465.

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