A Tea-rrific Way to Cool Down

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When the weather calls for something more refreshing, you immediately think of ways or things that will help lessen the sweltering conditions and cool you down. Most specially if one is exposed too long under a temperature that is 140°F or more. Though the numbers may change and there are other factors contributing to how uncomfortable or unhealthy heat is for you, there is one thing constant: we all want to feel relaxed.

Now that the season is on the drier spectrum, we need to be properly hydrated. And as they say, nothing is more satisfying than to gulp down a glass full of ice-cold water.

But where is the fun in that? There are different drinks you can have that will still leave you feeling refreshed. Summer coolers like shakes, juices, sodas and more will definitely quench your thirst. However, have you thought of tea as your summer drink? Well, admittedly tea is usually served after a heavy meal. But with different variations of tea now available, there are endless ways to enjoy the drink regardless of the season.


It’s all in the tea-dition

It is said that tea is one of the top drinks after water. Its long-standing history proves well enough that people really do like having a cup of tea.

Tea has a fascinating story, and its evolution all throughout is nothing short of extraordinary. Many legends point to its origin in ancient China, more than 5,000 years ago. As the story goes, in one ordinary day emperor, Shen Nung, who was also an herbalist and scholar, noticed a leaf falling into a boiling water. Instead of throwing the water, the new concoction formed while the leaf was soaked in water was tasted. And as they say, the rest is history.

As time passed by, tea drinking has become a solid foundation of the Chinese culture and would later on be available across the world. The drink rapidly became famous for its characteristic and benefits such as healing properties and invigorating effects. Not long after, many other places followed suite with their own version of tea.

Take for example the tea made from Morocco. Tea drinking is strongly ingrained in their culture that they even have an elaborate tradition when serving tea. It is also essential for them to welcome their guests with a refined manner. The host guides the guest to a room filled with incense where they are asked to wash their hands. The climax of the ritual is when the head of the family pours tea from a standing position into the arranged glasses on the floor.


A Trip to Tea-land

 With its rich heritage, the Thai’s also adopted tea drinking. Tea found its way to Thailand in 1961 when refugees from China came to the country. And since then, the people found another purpose for their lush forests and mountain ranges: tea planting.

From the city to the island, there is an assortment of teas you can choose in Thailand. From different styles of teas available — from the basic choice of very fine oolong tea to herbal ones – one would be surprised to know that the country does not have its own tea culture.

If ever you find yourself in the middle of the afternoon, dazed while standing under the harsh sun, you can easily find Japanese-inspired ready-to-drink tea in bottles. For other cold options, bubble tea (an idea adapted from Taiwan), Thai iced tea (Cha yen), and Thai iced tea floats are great hits!

For refined tea without the fuss, Samujana offers Twinnings. With undeniable expertise in master blending tea, paired with creativity and over 300 years of innovating their products – drinking tea during summer never tasted this better.



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