Samujana: A Centre for Stylish Corporate Events

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Gone are the days where corporate events are just black and white. Nowadays, corporate events are more than just a group meeting. It is not the usual tedious or dreary assembly wherein people can’t wait to have the meeting adjourned.

From another angle, corporate meetings are now viewed as more than just a gathering of involved teams. It is a way for employees to improve the working relationship between peers, thus adding more clarity towards the goal of the company. It is also a way to get cohesive and collaborative ideas from the whole team.

Samujana, a piece of haven in Koh Samui, offers the best venue for your next corporate event. With its event venue and services, the options for a more enjoyable and efficient event that exemplifies the company’s ideals are within reach. Focusing on the diverse requirement for today’s modern guests, Samujana drives to provide the best when it comes to corporate events.


Substance and Style

Believing that a venue needs to have everything for a successful event, Samujana combines the concept of personalised services and state-of-the-art facilities. From the moment you enquire with our reservations team, you will be thoroughly assisted while making sure to write and document all details relating to the event.

The exclusivity and privacy of Samujana’s spacious hillside villas will make your event even more special. Samujana’s dedicated events specialist will ensure a smooth and stress-free event. Aside from this, the professional support will help develop positive energy and synergy needed for the event. They will also assure that the agenda for the meeting is met by providing world-class assistance.


With a belief that this type of event should be able to inspire employees and immerse them into engaging and fun activities, Samujana is the perfect fit for team-buildings. Imagine a place where companies can arrange games to exercise the strategic skills of the whole team and foster camaraderie. Samujana can also help propose a program that provides a comprehensive and authentic Thai experience while ensuring the whole team bonds a group. Included in the program are exciting challenges that test the player’s wits and how they work as a team.


Executive Retreats
Boardroom meetings can usually have these characteristics: routinely and dull. Break out from the norm and get more work done with Samujana’s creatively-designed spaces. Experience a meeting using the cinema room for presentations and get your message straight across the room.


Incentive Retreats
A professional event can also have a no-work agenda. Host a memorable party as a way to recognise the hard work and dedication of the team. Organise a themed party for the team to unwind, relax, and have fun! Trust us it will boost their performance and productivity.


Meetings and Workshops
Having space to brings life to any event is one of the core strengths of Samujana. Interact with your guests and engage them in workshops that satisfy all the senses of the body — such as giving a gorgeous backdrop while you explain the ethos of your workshop.

So what other events can Samujana cater? Any event that needs a spectacular venue and world-class services. From business dinners and conferences, Samujana and its team can help you achieve those KPIs. One can also do product launches for that intimate feel with the press and media. Perhaps you are looking at that perfect venue for that passion project of yours or a charity event for the greater good. Never fret, Samujana offers a complete package for your need.

For your future events, you may contact or call us at +66.77.423.465. You may also chat with us online at

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