Holiday in Thailand: A Must for Everyone

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Holiday is a like a magic word for anyone. It is something we all look forward to – idly doing what we want without any restrictions. And since it is the last month of the year, we all know what that means: long days of pure holiday to fill our heart’s content. December marks the start of one of the biggest festivities celebrated across the globe (regardless if done out of tradition or because of just enjoying the merrymaking) and is an indicator that we will be welcoming a new year.

Everyone is excited to spend their Christmas and New Year with family and friends. And while most of us would often do the usual way of celebrating these occasions, some of us would like to try things differently. There are others who want to welcome Christmas and New Years in an exotic destination.

Envision a place where there is miles of beautiful sand that tickles in-between your toes; an inviting crystal blue water with warm sunrays bouncing over it. A place where friendly smiles greet you all the time, a giant Christmas trees beautifully illuminated during the night, and that distinctly familiar yet unique holiday vibe.

This is a place where you should experience the holidays: Thailand.

The people of Thailand are naturally fun-loving. Hence, it comes as no surprise Thailand earning the moniker ‘Land of Smiles’. Though the country is predominantly Buddhist, it’s people spares little exception and welcomes any excuse to have fun celebrating occasions.

Over the years, they have even slightly adopted and practiced foreign international holidays!


Celebrations in Thailand

As early as November, one can observe festive lights and trees accompanied with upbeat songs in the downtown cities around the country such, as Sukhumvit. Christmas is not an official Thai holiday, but there are a lot of reasons why it is a must to experience this occasion in any of the impressive cities in Thailand.

One, all offices, malls, and establishments are open. Meaning you will not be forced to stay inside your hotel the whole day and just pick an activity you would like to do. Maybe have a Sak Yant tattoo as a gift to yourself? Second, Thailand is one of the best destinations when it comes to shopping. So just imagine the massive amount of promotions, sales, and discounts on every corner that comes with this season. And lastly, since Thai people are generally happy to join in the entertainment, there is this golden opportunity for creative ways on how you’ll celebrate the joyous event!

After enjoying all things Christmas, we suggest that you stay as well to welcome the New Year in Thailand. Although the official Thai New Year or Songkran happens around April, Thai people also have grand celebrations every January.

Fireworks, concerts, parties are all over Thailand during this time. And what is Thai New Year if it doesn’t have beach parties! Yes! You have more beach choices to toast your wine in Thailand than anywhere else. We won’t deny there is some sort of favouritism here. But one will not argue that beach parties and New Year combined in Thailand is just amazing!

Having said that, it is should be in everyone’s bucket list to visit Thailand and enjoy a long vacation every December to January. What makes it such a unique experience is the combination of all things Thai: the lovely stretch of beaches, wonderful weather all-year round, and of course the pleasing hospitality of the Thai people who are more than willing to share their culture with all tourists! There is also an array of islands you can visit for that unforgettable vacation. Like Koh Samui, one of the famous islands of Thailand. It offers the perfect holiday vacation you so deserve. With access to almost anywhere in Thailand by just hopping on to your private yacht or boat, one can reach the mainland and other nearby islands. And well-designed villas at Samujana caters to discerning guests who wants to slip into total bliss.


So how come you are still not booking your trip to Thailand?

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