A Week of Holiday: China’s Golden Week

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In a country that has reached a billion mark on its population, how do you keep the morale of your citizens? With such a broad scope when it comes to the population, one country has devised a way to uplift the spirits of everyone.

Meet China’s Golden Week.

Just the term, ‘Golden Week’ will put anyone who is affected into a frenzy. To give you an idea why. All factories and offices are closed to give companies period of total shut down. This is also the perfect time for employees to take their vacations elsewhere. An estimate of more than 700 million locals (or close to half of the actual population) – students, parents, families, friends, or couples – carrying personal belongings in several large pieces of luggage and carry-ons would huddle towards airports, train stations, or simply ride in their cars for that much-awaited vacation.

Also called asguoqqingjie or 国庆节(Mandarin), National Day Golden Week is China’s relatively well-known festivity, that would last for a week, usually takes place every 1stof October. Speaking about it as something well-known, because there are actually two Golden Week dates. The first one is held every September, while the second one falls every October.


The Nugget behind the Golden Week

Golden Week is also celebrated every September. It is a memorable month as Independence Day for Chinese happened on 21stSeptember 1949. But the National Golden Week serves another purpose: it is a date to celebrate the time when Communist Party started the People’s Republic of China.

It was a culminating event, significant at most, because this is the moment where a centralized government was formed on a newly recognised country. It was when the public saw the first five-star PRC flag. And of the new laws passed by the government was to declare that 1st October will be the National Day of China. Since then, it has been marked by military parades, grand political parties, and joyous banquets.

For a relatively new festivity, it is expected that there are still no cultural customs being followed by the public. So what do most people do during the seven-day break? They travel! For most of the people, they choose to leave China to relax in an exotic destination. Those belonging in the higher class take lavish trips overseas.


Golden Week Destination: Thailand

With an array of tourist spots surrounding China, being considered as the top choice during Golden Week is such a feat. In one of the studies done by a leading tour management provider in China, it was discovered that among the top ten choices for holiday destinations, those celebrating the Golden Week would opt to visit nearby Asian countries.

Included in the list [in order] are Japan, US, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Russia, and Malaysia. Taking up the top spot is none other than Thailand.  The country laden with natural beauty and wonder is one of the best choices to make when you have a full week to explore and experience a totally new culture. And for anyone who was brave enough to take a trip during Golden Week, they sure know how hectic and crazy the trip can get.

For those wondering how to make most out of their trip, here is a quick Golden Week trip guide to Thailand:

Here is your Golden timeline to keep

  • Pre-Golden Week
    • Make sure you ‘ve settled all work-related matters.
    • Pack your everything you will need.
    • Prepare all your documents for the trip such passport, travel documents, and hotel confirmations
  • Golden Week Day 1
    • Take the earliest trip to the airport
    • Your villa manager will contact you to remind you of all the things you need to remember
    • Your Villa Manager will welcome you upon your arrival at Samujana
    • Relax a bit and get settled in your new home
    • Explore the villa with your Villa Manager
  • Golden Week Day 2
    • Your Villa Manager will help you decide which activities to take first
    • Take trip down to the West side of Samujana
    • Visit Secret Garden Buddha
    • Take a refreshing sight-seeing hiking trip to Namuang Falls
  • Golden Week Day 3
    • Rise up early and visit nearby islands around Koh Samui
    • Soak up the warm sunshine and laze around in the soft sand
    • Dine at Hua Thanon
  • Golden Week Day 4
    • Take a stroll and swim at Lamai Beach
    • Take a scenic view at The Jungle Club
  • Golden Week Day 5
    • Take a trip down to Lad Kah Viewing point
    • Visit Chaweng Beach and have the best dive in your life
  • Golden Week Day 6
    • Experience the authentic Thai massage with the help of Samujana’s expert therapists. Opt to get one of the treatments available such ask Deep Thai massage.
    • Relish in all-bespoke dinner prepared by a chef at the comfort of your villa
  • Golden Week Day 7
    • Prepare everything you need before going back home: photos, memories, and contacts of new friends
    • Plan early on and get a villa booked again for next year’s Golden Week.

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