Samujana: Home Away from Home

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Travelling to somewhere new for fun or adventure (all right, even if it’s for work) always leaves us in an exuberant state of mind. It is even proven by scientific studies and observations that going places has positive effects on the overall well-being of a person. There is also a sense of fulfilment at every start and end of a trip.

Though sometimes, we look forward to just staying at home and enjoying all the normal or usual activities like sleeping in late, curling up in bed, having a cup of warm chocolate while watching a new television series, or simply loll around the house.

What if you can do both? Imagine feeling all the comfort of a home away in an exotic place that welcomes you — like home. Sounds amazing! Of course, such experience can only be attained if the hotel focuses on the over-all guest encounter.

As such, the key components of should be the priority of a hotel: lodging, F&B, tourism (attraction and retail), and recreation (activities). Attention to details and services of each of these elements are crucial to make the best lasting impression.

It is only natural for the best hotels to give world-class services. And Samujana does it perfectly.


The First Impression

Thais are exceptionally known to welcome tourists with warm smiles and genuine hospitality. It’s the first impression travellers often would notice upon arriving in Thailand.

By believing that impressions are a result of how the establishment treats its guests, Samujana lets make everyone experience a truly welcoming from the very first contact. Upon arriving in, the friendly staff will immediately greet you and offer you refreshments while waiting to be escorted to your villa. From the reception staff to your dedicated Villa Manager, Samujana makes sure to make you feel right at home.


Attention to Detail

Samujana believes in the mantra that everything is all about details.  While this is not immediately noticeable, little things often provide greater satisfaction for each guest.

From its accommodation to services, Samujana is determined to elevate and exceed the expectations of the discerning guests.  Visitors will definitely notice any subtle elements evoking the luxurious way of living.

Think of it this way, how can you not feel relaxed at the sight of a perfectly-made bed cover (with the highest thread count, of course!) and the softest bed mattress (think about marshmallow).


Bespoke and Legendary Customer Services

As they say, good service should be a part of any hospitality business. So, it is a must for world-class hotels to give exceptional service to its guests. Going with this belief, Samujana dedicates its time and effort in turning good into exceptional; through the art of making guests feel spoiled and special with each visit.

In addition to the quality of service Samujana provides, it lets each guest feel the exclusive nature by adding a personal touch. Guests are treated to tailored services such as your own chef to create mouth-watering Thai local delicacies. Those who want to stay in shape will surely find delight knowing a personal trainer is also available. On top of this, each villa has its own Villa Manager to ensure needs are met.


Design and Aesthetics

Visual appreciation of design and its surrounding is an essential part of any hotel. Secluded atop the beautiful hillside of Koh Samui, Samujana boasts of world-class style and substance when it comes to architecture and interior design.

This comes as no surprise since multi-award-winning Architect Gary Fell is the one who orchestrated the blueprint of Samujana. As Gary Fell shares, “I wanted the buildings to be very much “part” of the hillside, and for greenery to cover as much of the surfaces as possible, blending gardens with interior spaces in such as [sic] way as to minimize the difference between what is inside and what is outside”.

While all of these elements (and more) are always present in Samujana, the whole team continually improves and develops more ways to achieve customer excellence. As proof of this commitment, Samujana was recently awarded the ‘2019 Certificate of Excellence’ from TripAdvisor!


What are you waiting for? Contact reservations@samujana.comor call us at +66.77.423.465. You may also chat with us online at

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