Dream Weddings: Blissful Beginnings

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They say there are significant events in life that are worth celebrating. These occasions are either life-changing or just bursting with love and happiness. If one would think about it, these are the celebrations that immediately comes into mind: birthdays, graduation, and weddings.

Ah, weddings! The word itself is such a blissful thing to hear that it sends people to al euphoria of all sorts. The idea that from the moment the ceremony is done, it is a lifetime of being together, being one, and about finding happiness while overcoming obstacles.



Why do we say couples are ‘tying the knot’ during weddings? It was noted that in several cultures the hands of the couple are tied together – literally. This is to show that a new bond has been formed through the ceremony.

There are four things a bride should definitely wear during wedding. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Each of these item has its own meaning. The ‘something old’ symbolises continuity, while the ‘something new’ is a sign of looking forward to the future. ‘Something borrowed’ means getting happiness and the ‘something blue’ equates to fidelity, purity, and above all love.


The wedding itself has been celebrated for over millennia and it’s no wonder why there is so much to take into consideration when getting married. And one of the most difficult decisions to make is where the wedding will take place.

Each couple has their own idea of a dream wedding. Some would want to have it in an intimate manner with just the closest loved ones. Others would prefer to have a grand celebration together with all of their family, relatives, and friends; some even lasting for days.

A couple might consider getting married in their own place, while some would plan a bespoke wedding somewhere off a beautiful island. And this is what we call a destination wedding.

Destination weddings are those held elsewhere that is far from where the couple resides. It would mean travelling somewhere exotic, beautiful, and totally in a different setting that fits the couple’s dream to wed.

It takes time, planning, and a lot of discussion as to how and where a destination wedding will take place. But if a place offers everything that you will need (think of a well-organised team to assist you with every step, mouth-watering dishes catered to your taste, and an incomparable panoramic view to create that perfect mood), leaving you stress-free and happy on your big day, why would you look elsewhere?


Your dream wedding at Samujana 

Located in one of the most gorgeous islands of Thailand, Samujana offers any couple the best destination wedding experience. If the picturesque views surrounding Samujana already excites you, then you will even be in awesome of the personalised wedding services at Samujana.

  • Full Planning Services

Samujana offers full Wedding Planning services. From intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, Samujana can host your entire wedding party for the ultimate destination wedding. With our expert wedding associates, and international suppliers, you are assured of utmost attention is given to all details.

  • Ambience Design

Samujana can help you achieve the dream set-up you have in mind. Adding a personal touch from our experts, Samujana can help you turn your visual idea into a place where you’d wish you can celebrate forever be it a luxury-themed arrangement to a gorgeous rustic-theme concept.

  • Floral Design

Flowers add a sophisticated, dreamy element to weddings. With over a hundred choices for wedding blossoms, Samujana’s own wedding specialists together with our international suppliers help you narrow down your choices and create a spectacular display of fauna and flora.

  • Cuisine Design

One of the most remembered parts of the wedding is the food served. Our Wedding specialist team offer a diverse and comprehensive food and beverage selections for fit for any ideal wedding; be it a stellar five-course dinner or an intimate afternoon cocktail setup.

It doesn’t stop there. Samujana’s spectacular villas and open-space areas can accommodate the grandest to the most intimate of all weddings.

Weddings are symbolic as it is a sign that two people commit to a life-long journey together. Why not make it a memory worth remembering through the years with a truly magnificent destination.

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