Staycations at Samujana

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Who doesn’t love staycations? A portmanteau of two words close to our hearts – ‘staycation’ means taking a quick relaxing vacation somewhere that would make us feel right at home.

In many ways, travelling often leads to positive benefits. It is usually observed that taking trips results to healthier well-being of a person. People are often forced to engage in more physical activities than they usually do when travelling, like walking to go around all the tourist’s spots in Thailand. Taking trips also releases endorphins or what is called as the feel-good neurotransmitters.

Staycation presents the idea of taking a vacation without leaving the country. It can be thought of as a compact trip wherein you plan a week’s load of exciting itinerary just for the weekend.

Working for five days in the city (like that of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and the rest), can leave a daunting weight on the physical and mental welfare of a person. Add in the constant struggle to avoid pollution (or at least some of it) while working in the city and you have the perfect reason to plan for a staycation.

Though, it is surprising to know that there are still people who haven’t done staycation with the belief that travels can’t be done somewhere near your house. Trust us! Once you get a head-start on it, you will fill your weekend with staycation trips around Thailand. After all, staycations do not require to go far.


A Villa Vacation

Thailand is teeming with stunning staycation areas that should be on your bucket list. And one of these best places to relax and unwind for the weekend – is in Samujana.

With its charming villas, Samujana provides an unparalleled luxury experience for everyone. Each villa comes with its own oversized private infinity pools with a guaranteed scenic view. World-class services are at hand the moment you are picked up from the airport. And for a truly global relaxation; each villa has it’s a dedicated villa manager and top-notch leisure facilitates.

Understanding that vacations are essential to their guests, Samujana has an array of activities that will make you forget to use your phone!

For water activities, Samujana has three catamarans you can use for island hoppings.

The ‘Crazy Horse’ sailing catamaran is ideal for a unique sailing experience. Samujana also has the ‘Dreamcatcher’, a stunning thirty-three-foot exclusive cruising catamaran fully equipped and specially designed for tropical sailing. And finally, ‘The Kindred Spirit’, a luxurious catamaran fit for a large group of guests who want so circumnavigate Koh Samui or snorkel in the Ang Thong Marine Park.

For inland adventures, you will surely find more than one interesting activity to do. For example, try jumping off a platform that is 50 metres above the ground. Perhaps conquering the rough terrains is your thing; then hop on an ATV and drive through the jungle!

If you just want to completely relax, then you can sleep all day in Samujana’s comfortable beds! You can even lounge by the pool while looking at the sceneries around you.


Staycation Rules

Of course, Samujana wants you to enjoy your vacation. With that said, Samujana believes that a great staycation is based on the mantra “Leave thy worries”. There are some unspoken rules to be followed if you want to truly a worthy vacation.


Out of office
This is the golden rule of staycations: do not work! Any form of work should be prohibited. A simple reply to the email you got? Not allowed! Taking calls from clients? Just leave a voicemail. All those planning that went into making sure you stay relaxed will be put to waste if you do not follow this rule.


Digital detox
Once you understood the golden rule, you need to comply with this rule; this is by far the hardest to do. Doing this in today’s setting may be unprecedented; truly a tough challenge that may cause anxiety, but the fruits of overcoming this is therapeutic. You’ll find that you are in a way more at peace and you’ll find more time to appreciate things going offline even for just a few days.


Authentic Adventure
Living in the same country for years, you might think you have seen everything. Think again.

Have you ever set foot in one of the reserves in Thailand? Did you visit one of the temples on the other side of the city? Have you been in one of the beautiful islands like Koh Samui? If you answered no to any of these questions, it is high time to plan that local expedition. Chances are, you will be surprised that you still have a lot to learn about your country.

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