Rest, Recharge, and Rejuvenate: Ways to Relax

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Imagine this: you wake up with a happy smile only to look at the watch and say it’s past half of the time you are supposed to wake up. You check to see the alarm wasn’t set properly. Hurrying to get out of the house, you trip several times until you barely made it in one piece. Getting inside the car, you forgot to bring some documents which made you lose even more precious time. You agonised of whether to drop by a café to get breakfast, but saw the long queue and decided to skip it. While driving en route to office, you face a minor collision that ate away more minutes. A few blocks away from the building, your boss called berating you of why you’re late. And all you can do is breath a heavy sigh.

Did it stress you? The story above is a classic case of anxiety slowly piling up even when you haven’t started the day. With those happening, it is bound to make a person have increased heartbeat rate, difficulty in breathing, and tensed muscles; all leading to anxiety.

Relaxing can be a daunting task for some and even a little hard to accomplish. The reason is because often times, it is easier said than done. With all the outside factors that contribute to stress – work deadlines, difficult clients, traffic jam, uncooperative weather, and more – there is simply no rest from daily stress.

The first thing to remember is that when under stress, there is a tendency of doing other activities that puts more strain rather than helping relieve tension. It is better to realise this and put focus on actions that will actually help us rest, recharge, and rejuvenate. Second, is consistency. Once you find the right mix of relaxing, practice incorporating them daily or when the stress level is beyond control. The moment the idea that it’s all right to postpone resting, it simply means we must definitely relax!

Luckily, when in ‘fight or flight’ scenario, there are ways we can definitely alleviate stress. Here are some ways to help you go into zen mode:


Let go of worries

One of the main causes of having panic attacks is due to imaginary problems. Yes, all those negative responses to problems that are not there. Having said that, taking precautionary measures is acceptable, but having incessant worries is a dead-end. Realise there are things beyond our control and with proper preparation and action things will ultimately be settled.


Laugh all Day

There are some techniques to help us recharge without any costs at all, like deep breathing, exercise, or laughter. When they say laughter is the best medicine, it does quickly helps lessen the stress hormones being released. How? By moving the right muscles, laughing sends out endorphins that copes up with any anxiety or affliction.


Sleep like a King

After a day’s worth of handling physical and mental stress, there is nothing more comforting than to be able to lay down in the softest bed and hug the pillows. The quality of sleep impacts the way our body recharges. The best slumber rejuvenates us to an optimal allowing for another fruitful day.

How to sleep like a king? Let Samujana show you how. Designed for comfort and luxury, each room is meticulously arranged to help you sleep without worries. A combination of the softest bed, linens, and pillows mimics a bed of marshmallow. Talk about paradise!


Have a hearty meal

Eating great food is equal to having a great day! A tasteful experience helps anyone recharge after facing different stress throughout the day. And for some, food is comfort. For guests in Samujana, we take this to a higher level. Valuing unique dining experience, the whole F&B team at Samujana curates the freshest ingredients for delectable cuisines such as goong chup peng tord or crunchy deep-fried singha beer battered coconut prawns. Yummy!

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