A Family-friendly Trip to Thailand

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We all need a little time to travel with our family and children. If eating meals together is a symbol of solidarity, then travelling together makes that foundation even stronger. On top of being known as hospitable, Thailand is also identified as the ‘Land of Smiles’.

With this being said, it is a great place to have your next family vacation. Aside from the beauty of Thailand’s natural wonder, there is so much to see and explore its culture, ecosystem, history, food, and the people themselves! You have nothing to worry about bringing your kids to Thailand as Thai’s welcome at least millions of tourists, families included, every year.

Now, making all the effort to have that epic family trip is no easy task. We want to make sure everyone will be able to enjoy a few days of learning, eating, and sleeping in an exotic destination. To help families plan the best trip ever, below are some of the places families should go to when in Thailand.


It’s for everyone

Koh Chang

With a more easygoing and refreshing feel compared to other islands around Thailand, Koh Chang is perfect for families that just want to have a happy and peaceful trip. As the second largest island, Koh Chang has definitely all the space to accommodate big families out for some relaxing travel. With its shallow beach area, kids can definitely enjoy a day swimming and splashing.


From its lively surroundings to a multitude of exciting activities, Bangkok is one of the interesting destinations that families can enjoy. As the capital of Thailand, your days in this vibrant city will be filled with fun things to do. For starters, there are several indoor playgrounds for young children. Different ornately-designed shrines and historical museums can provide educational learnings for both parents and kids. Siam, located right in the heart of Bangkok, offers excellent family-oriented tourist spots such as Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, Museum of Siam, and KidZania. And who can get bored going around the city when you are riding tuk-tuks (a cycled or auto rickshaw) as the main mode of transportation.

Chiang Mai

Given its rising reputation as a tourist spot, Chiang Mai is perfect for families with its tranquil and cosy ambience. In fact, families should not miss out on visiting this place. The whole area of Chiang Mai is relatively small, so it is easier to take children around the place. There are also an array of fun activities that are centred on families such as local markets, museums, and the countryside.


Families both with older and younger kids can enjoy a whole day of laid-back entertainment in Pai. Located in the northern area of Thailand and just a few kilometres away from Chiang Mai, it is a town noted for its hot springs and quaint downtown areas. As an added bonus, Pai offers an alternative recreational activity for the whole family with its Circus School. Ready to learn those juggling tricks?

Koh Samui

Surrounded by mesmerising waters, Koh Samui is truly a unique paradise. The island has almost everything and has become a family favourite when it comes to travelling. One of these tourist sites is the Big Buddha, which at the same time is the most famous temple on the island. On the other hand, families have an assortment world-class restaurant (ranging from local to international) choices. Koh Samui also has its share of beautiful sandy shores and cool blue waters in Chaweng beach. And if you want an ultimate family vacation, Samujana gives each family a familiar touch of home. From the menu to tailored-fit wellness programs for the parents, each family is assured they will have a memorable trip. After all, Samujana is designed with the idea of families spending their much-needed quality time here.

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