6 Tips for Renewing Your Wedding Vows in Koh Samui

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Whether you’ve spent five years together or 50 years, renewing your wedding vows is a beautiful way to honor your marriage. However, having a memorable vow renewal experience requires a bit of planning – although, probably not as much as your actual wedding. If you haven’t yet begun to plan your renewal ceremony, here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your event.

If you’d like the perfect vow renewal experience, select Koh Samui to renew your vows. Not only can you renew your vows in this tropical destination, you can enjoy a second honeymoon in the beautiful destination of South East Asia.


Choosing the type of vow renewal experience you want is a key aspect to planning the event. This time, you have the opportunity to be as flexible as you and your spouse would like, since this ceremony is entirely yours. Plus, there are none of the legal requirements that go along with getting married for the first time.

Keep in mind the ambience you’d like to create for your vow renewals. In Koh Samui, many people choose to have a religious renewal ceremony as there are different officiants on this island who can fit almost anyone’s religious affiliation. Or, if you want to match the ambience of the island and culture, consider a traditional Thai ceremony.

If you want a more casual ceremony, you may hold the event in a villa or bungalow you’ve rented, these make great wedding venues in Thailand. A beach locale can set the mood for romance in the air, so don’t be afraid to ask your resort about reserved space on the beach or even a garden area for your vow renewal ceremony.


Who do you want to invite to your ceremony? Some people hold renewal ceremonies so that they can invite guests who didn’t make it to their original wedding. Some only want close friends or family members to come. And then, of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a vow renewal experience for just two people – you, your spouse and no one else.

No matter what you choose, make sure you decide early so guests can make any necessary travel arrangements and reservations.


Whether your event includes just you and your spouse, or guests as well, tasty food must be part of the ceremony. And you’re in luck – selecting a locale such as Koh Samui means you have some of the best restaurants and freshest food you’re ever likely to eat on your hands.

Be sure to inquire about the availability of catering services at your chosen venue. Most resorts have skilled chefs who can cater your special event. Many companies offer packages that include catering and a reception venue, but make sure that the venue and the food is to your liking before you agree to use the in-house catering service. You may also want to host your reception at a restaurant or even in a private villa where you’re staying and handle the food yourself.


When choosing the location for your vow renewal ceremony, consider a locale that you’d love to have as your second honeymoon. Wouldn’t it be nice to already be in your dream destination once you say “I do?”  This is one of the reasons that Koh Samui is popular for weddings and anniversary celebrations, as it is many people’s favorite honeymoon destination in the first place.

On Koh Samui, luxury villa resorts, rental condos and villas abound. You may also be able to find a place that specializes in honeymoons. Some of these venues offer private beachside bungalows, where you can plan to escape for a night or two after your vow renewal ceremony.

Remember that, on Koh Samui, nothing is very far away. If you have guests coming to your ceremony, you can choose a villa development for multiple rental options. After your vow renewal, you can move to a separate villa or condo so that you can enjoy more privacy, while still being able to spend time with your guests.


As exciting as the planning is, don’t forget the basics. Airline tickets and hotel reservations are easy to remember, but did you make sure that your passport – and all your guests’ passports – are up to date? It would be a shame to have an expired document ruin your plans! Depending on where you live, it could take as long as a month or two to renew a passport, so make certain that this is done well in advance.

At this point, you should also be pretty clear about the number of guests who are coming (if any). Villas and resorts will require a down payment when you make your reservations. Some may give you a partial refund if someone cancels, but total refunds are rare. If you have guests, one way to get a little more flexibility is to rent a villa that sleeps many people. The cost will be for the whole home, not for individual guests. This means it isn’t a big deal if someone cancels at the last minute.


Koh Samui is usually sunny and always warm. In fact, even when it’s the rainy season in much of the rest of Thailand, it’s dry on Samui. That said, always have a plan for poor weather. Where will you go if it rains or if it gets too windy? Have a back-up plan in place, in advance, so that you can be at ease when the special day arrives.

Of course, these tips are not an exhaustive list of what you must do to prepare for your vow renewal ceremony. There are always other things to think for any celebration that you want to go perfectly. However, these six tips should give you a great starting point as you consider all the major decisions you have to make when planning a vow renewal ceremony on Koh Samui for a luxury second wedding in Thailand.

Image: Nick Hewson.
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