5 Great Reasons To Book A Vacation Rental For A Safe Getaway

Looking for a safe place to stay on your next holiday? Vacation rentals are perfect for you. Private vacation rentals help travelers maintain a level of social distancing that is not always possible in a larger luxury hotel.

Private vacation rentals offer more opportunities for guests to socially distance themselves. Many travelers like the idea of being able to cook meals on their own on private property or have a private chef who’ll prepare meals for them.

Guests prefer to stay in vacation rentals such as private luxury villas with great amenities, but by doing it in a way they can be responsible and socially distant to lessen the spread of COVID-19.

Families are also looking for a change of scenery after being stuck at home for a long time due to lockdowns. Large groups of friends are also looking to have a vacation together while remaining in a private secluded property. Here are some of the great reasons why you should book a private for a safe getaway.

1. Vacation rentals offer more space for social distancing.

Since COVID-19 started, many people feel safer sitting at a private secluded property than being in a hotel where there are lots of people in and out of hotel rooms.

Vacation rentals such as private luxury villas offer limited contact with other people. Private luxury villas don’t require interaction in public shared spaces and often allows remote check-ins. These properties can be a safer option than a hotel.

2. Vacation rentals use the latest technology for disinfection to ensure guests’ safety.

Vacation rentals around the world have implemented strict cleaning procedures to reassure guests of their safety. Several private luxury villas use the latest technology like sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant and partner with an inspection company that regularly reviews the safety and hygiene protocols.

Those companies also give certifications to ensure the property is properly sanitized daily. A lot of vacation rentals also have a Hygiene Manager to ensure disinfection protocols are in place.

3. Vacation rentals have strict cleaning policies to lessen the spread of COVID-19.

While COVID-19 spreads through person-to-person contact, it may also spread through surfaces. Strict cleaning policies in vacation rentals is the new normal. Cleaning is the number 1 top of mind for guests.

4. Vacation rentals offer exclusive facilities to guests.

Many travelers are hoping to be more isolated from other people due to COVID-19. Once guests are already inside a private vacation rental, they feel safe like their own home because the property isn’t shared with other people.

In private luxury villas, you can have the kitchen, dining area & pool all by yourself and not shared with strangers.

5. Self-Isolate in Style at Private Luxury Villas.

Private luxury villas offer the comforts of home in stunning destinations away from crowds. Samujana is happy to offer our safe and secluded luxury villas where families and friends can enjoy the holiday but in the luxury and comfort of a private space.

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